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Correctional officer - An Insight into a Correctional Officer’s Job,Find Jobs

Correctional officer
Correctional officers are strong willed people who take up the job of keeping surveillence on the criminals and accused who are held up in jails and prisons and keep them in discipline. They do the job of maintaining law and order inside the prisons and keep an eye on any suspicious activity going on in the jail premises. They have a tough job to handle as they have to face so much negativity everyday while on the job.

Correctional officers are responsible for the safety of the inmates while they are in jail and they are responsible for the security of the inmates while they are being transported to other places, courtrooms, hospitals etc. Being a correctional officer is not a job for the faint hearted since they have to deal with all sort of persons ranging from hardened criminals to members of drug gangs.

They are responsible for maintaining order and discipline inside the jails and prisons and have to constantly keep a watch on the behavior of the inmates so that they can report on their progress and report any suspicious activity to the higher authorities. They also have to patrol buildings and other facilities so that inmates don’t escape and it’s their responsibility to keep everyone safe inside the prisons and ensure that the prison protocols are followed well by the inmates.

Correction officers are also there to listen to the problems of the inmates and be a part of their rehabilitation process while they are lodged in the jail. But we never give a thought about the prison staff who have to constantly handle so many prisoners and have always to be on their guard, ensuring safety for themselves and for the prison inmates, preventing fights and scuffles between inmates and getting them obey orders. They have to face constant challenges in their workplace and often have to face the anger of the hardened criminals, often getting injured in the process of maintaining law and order inside the prisons and thus getting assaulted is not uncommon to these people. According to records available, the five-year span between 1990 and 1995 saw a 33-percent increase in the number of assaults by inmates on prison staff. In 1995, 14,165 assaults occurred, with 14 of those staff members losing their lives as a result.

This is the kind of risk we are talking about and yet all of the correctional officers do their work diligently without taking into consideration their safety and lives.

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