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Engineering Schools - Engineering Degree, Engineering Study Programs, Engineering Courses, Online College, Online Education, Online University

Engineers basically convert theoretical knowledge of science and mathematics into practical solutions through applied technology which benefit the society.

Engineering Schools
engineering Schools, engineering Degree,

The dams, buildings and power stations that are being build, the cutting edge innovations in computer chips, development of alternative sources of fuel, etc are minuscule areas of application where engineers work. Besides having a technical frame of mind, engineers are provided to think creatively as well and employ their research in furthering technological innovations and even new inventions.

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Strong analytical skills and a solid foundation in sciences is a prerequisite for pursuing an engineering course. There are infinite possibilities for a talented engineer in the job market.

Monday, May 28, 2012

An Exciting Career in Project Management - Management Training, Careers in Management,Management Careers

Dynamic economic scenarios and emerging technologies are changing the face of business world. Industries are cutting down the job spaces and trying hard to improve productivity. This, in fact, have increased the job avenues for highly talented project managers. They are considered as the master brain behind every successful project. From the highly advanced IT industry to the small business firms, project management plays a vital role. Target is achieved by the efficient exploitation of resources within the specified timeline and budget costing.

If you have great leadership skills, then project management career is a perfect option for you. Online and campus courses are offered in various academic levels such as short certificates, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree. Some of the phases in a project management include

An exciting career in Project Management
1. Concept phase: It is the initial step in the process where the ideas are discussed and developed. Different strategies and concepts will be analyzed depending upon the availability of resources. Once the analysis is over, a final concept will be accepted by the whole team.

2. Design and Development: It is the most important phase in the project management process. Layout plan of the whole process is designed in this step where the tasks are assigned to each department. Modeling software and other computer applications are used for the designing process. Once the design is finalized, it enters into the development phase. Tasks are assigned to each department with specified deadlines. All the team members should present the reports about the work progress to the project manager on daily basis.

3. Testing and Installation: This phase mainly applies in the IT field where software projects are developed. Test procedures are conducted to prove the accuracy and quality of the software products. Once it is successfully completed, they are installed or hosted for the application.

4. Further Development: Since the technology is getting more advanced, changes have become an inevitable option. New features are added to the product to match them with the latest technologies and innovations.

These are some of the important phases in a project management process, which is a necessity for success in business. So a career in project management may be a rewarding option as it offers challenging and exciting work environment.

History of Web Design and Development

The World Wide Web has now become an integral part of our lives. The internet is everywhere, playing various roles right from e-commerce to education and governance to entertainment, the list seems to be getting longer every moment.  The history of web design and development is not too old and its evolution has taken place rapidly in the past decade. Let us chart this exciting course of the development of internet and the history of web design and development and find how this ever-growing and fast-changing sector can attract and bring in fresh talents from the pool of aspiring students.
                                                         History of Web Design and Development

In past few years, we have been observing  the course of web design and development and also seen evolution of the internet. The future looks bright for further technologies in web design and development with the cutting edge technologies coming up each day and latest contributions to the computing and internet fields. Since the information revolution has made information access more easily available, the continuing trends would definitely make up a bright future for website design and development.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Learning Computer Programming

We are all fascinated with the things computers can do nowadays. Right from weather forecasting to animated movies, computers are everywhere. There are lots of programming involved in every computer application which we see in everyday life. Programming can be learnt by anyone and it is not necessary to be a genius for it, of course being a genius helps, but it is not necessary. Anyone with an access to a computer and some spare time can learn the art and science of programming while a diploma or degree in programming can make the process of learning faster and the programmer will be hence treated as a ‘qualified’ one.

Learning Computer Programming
The resources such as time, money, books, etc. are very important and you need to invest in all of these. If you have access to college classes and discussion groups it will definitely increase your pace of learning. But whatever resources may be available to you, if you have the motivation to learn programming, you definitely can achieve your goal. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Now for getting started, start with something quite easy. You might want to take up programming for software you already use such as VB for Microsoft word. And the greatest tool which you have available with you is the internet. The internet is full of resources about free programming stuff which you can download. You can download Ruby languages and VB.NET and C# and can started in the world of programming. Computer programming is nothing but the sets of instruction given to the computers in the machine language (binary language) which helps them to interpret a given task and perform it as per the program written. Thus you can experiment with the resources given on the internet and can start learning the programming language of your choice. You can vary your pace as per the time available to you. It is not going to be easy, there are going to be hurdles which you need to cross and sometimes problems may seem insurmountable, but you have to persist and carry on forward. Your success will definitely pay off when you write your first piece of code and the amount of satisfaction it will give to you will be enthralling.

It is time to move on and take your objective a step further. You may want to collect resources in the form of used books or downloading material from the internet. You can also enroll at your local college and take courses on programming. There are also various discussion forums in various cities where like minded people gather and discuss their ideas about programming and share their experiences and knowledge. Though all the languages and all the topics may not be covered, this is also a useful resource worth to be tapped so that you get some real time experience.
Programming can be fun, challenging and creative too. So take the bull by its horns and start right away, the time is now and the opportunities are endless.

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Project Based Learning For School Kids - Free Resources

Today’s world unfolds many unforeseen challenges and opportunities for the prospective citizen hence traditional classroom teaching does not prepare the students to face these challenges. The student must endeavour and be involved into active and creative learning to better understand complicated issues and topics.

Project based learning engages students in learning by arousing their interest and motivation.  It is an instructional approach focusing on the world outside classroom. It is a systematic learning technique focusing on improving knowledge and capabilities through structured projects and tasks. Project goes over a period of time and often attempts to address a specific problem. Project also facilitates authentic evaluation from teacher’s perspective because students are explicitly involved doing the assignment.

Project based learning for school kids
The differential approach of the project learning requires the students to devise a new project and go deeper into the selected project via research and analysis. For e.g. If the student wants to take project in science then he can create a model of concept on either chemicals or insect, draw a diagram, label each part, show how it functions…etc. Students can add various multi-sensory inputs including visual and audio inputs to make the project live. Visual inputs are able to process the information faster and being saved in memory for a longer time.

Projects enable the students to stretch their academic and intellectual limits because they spend most of their time in developing a new model or examining an existing model. Teacher’s guidance and substantial contribution in the project help the students to create a project in which they learn and can essentially practice.  Project learning is necessarily a combination of :
1.       Self education
2.       Brain storming
3.       Innovation and Imagination
4.       Group working
5.       Obtaining Feedback.

A well designed and implemented project aims at improving skill set of the students by provoking them to study the fundamental concepts and functioning of a particular discipline. A group of students work on single project at a time so project based learning encourages collaboration and co-operation among students. It enables the student to understand what they are doing, why it is significant, how the results will be assessed.  Learner centered approach of a project successfully fetches active engagement of students.
In the 21st century students are required to explore the benefits of project based learning. They need to go beyond classrooms and textbooks so that they can learn new things effectively.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Human Resource Management

In the era of digital revolution, impact of globalization changed the scenario in such a way that world changed in a global village with highly competitive job markets. Each and every organization is delivering services with their utmost efforts and technologies to hold a foot mark in the global industry. As we all know, success only comes from efficient team work, every single person in the organization have to work hard. But it should be taken into account that it doesn’t affect the employee in such way that they get stressed out with the situations. The highly complex and competitive job conditions tend to make an employee stress out of the way, where they fail to fulfill organizational deadlines and meet their assigned targets. This situation will lead to the low morale in psych and less productivity from the employee side which will affect the whole system. So it is very essential that every organization should ensure a stress free environment to its employees.

Human Resource Management
HR management should deal with the strategies for improving the morale and productivity of its workforce as they are the most valuable assets. Counseling plays a great role in preventing the negative effects of work stress at an individual level. The employee counseling is an ongoing process which require much time & patience. A planned and organized approach is needed for pointing out the problems faced by the employee. Some ethics and principles should be followed during the employee counseling which includes: Generate trust and listen to the problems very carefully because it is the key source of difficulty faced by the person. Consider the current scenario and explore alternative solutions to deal with the perceived problem. Help the individual to find the solutions to the problems in a new perspective and positive outlook. Motivate the employee to realize his/her career potential and make them feel that the organization believes in that potential. Guide the employee in implementing the plans and also evaluate the effectiveness of chosen strategies.

It should be noted that a calm conduct should be maintained without any interruptions or distractions during the counseling. Employee counseling offered by the human resource management  to all levels of work force will definitely leads to its success. Innovative and motivated minds can always create fabulous achievements in their career and thereby contributing to the growth of their organization.

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Game Designing - After all, It is not a Child's Play to Be in the Game Designing....but if you are Game, then Grab it

If you are one of those geeky kinds that have a desire andpassion in creating video games for a living, than you might want to go for game arts career. The game industry has a massive global market, which creates several career opportunities. The work accomplished to design and develop a game requires various professionals concentrating on the aspect that makes game play subsequently. To enter this field, one will need to acquire certain skills that can only be attained through higher education. Seeking an education and career in game arts career can be done by first exploring the available options.The optional programs, that a prospect can get into consists of numerous focused areas and degree options.

Game Designing
The curriculums observed in game arts and design programs generally includes unique game design and conception and production, gamedesign and testing3d modeling, applied game theories and concepts, storyboarding, analytical skill development,graphic design and many others.The prospects have the choice to earn an associate 's degree or higher degrees based on individual school programs.They can secure a job in multifaceted fields; for example, educational software publishers are always in search of fresh talent to fill-up the expanding demand for game software developers and programmers. Furthermore students who have accomplished arts and design education can discover interesting career opportunities in thesectors of video gaming and computer gaming.

There are numerous and different advantages and benefits sinvolved with game developer jobs. Prospects that are considering this occupation need to have innovative side to their personality. A person engaged in thissector also needs to be very focused and detail oriented.

Individuals engaged in this occupation also have the chanceto come up with concepts for the characters that will be prominent in the game. These people also have the opportunity to make sure that the game controls work effectively. Everyindividual who is a part of the development team is also an essential part ofthe achievements of the accomplished product. Professionals engaged in this type of work must be very much versatile.They should also have some level of capability to cope with setbacks on a regular basis.

Most people are happy about the overall game designer and developer job outlook for the future. Those who have selected to become a partof this industry will most often have job security. In this growing industry,one must have proper game art and design knowledge and education to remain competitive in the today 's job market. The career outlook is remarkable forexperts in this sector, with incomes varying from $35,000 to $75,000, based on one 's skills, knowledge and education.

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Exploring Forensic Science Degree Programs

Thanks to the television, especially the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) series on one of the popular channels, forensic science has become a household word and these days even commoners are aware of it. Here we make an attempt to explore this career in detail so that we understand what this career is all about. Crime scene investigators or forensic experts are involved in the collection, identification, classification and analysis of physical evidence to help solve complex crime incidents. Thus CSI is used to nail the guilty or prove the innocence of falsely accused. A job in CSI also involves testing weapons, clothing, fibers, hair and tissue for criminal evidence. These professionals also may offer their expertise in ballistics, fingerprinting or handwriting analyses.

A crime scene investigator has to perform many roles and duties. These include securing the crime scene and taking detailed measurements. They have to sketch and diagram the scene and also take photographs from various angles of the crime scene so that all the evidence is photographically documented. Crime scene investigators also have to document all the evidence taken from the crime scene comprising of location, nature, type of crime, etc. They also have to package and label evidence for transfer to the lab. Crime scene investigators also have to attend and photograph autopsies. They also write a report detailing evidence collection procedures and their conclusions thereof. Crime scene investigators have also to testify to their findings in court.

Exploring Forensic Science
Crime scene investigators are law enforcement professionals who work in tandem with police or detectives of various agencies to process and document evidence that is found at the scene of crime. They might also work in a lab to analyze and process the collected evidence. Processing a crime scene is meticulous work that may take several hours and crime scene investigators must pay attention to every minute detail to avoid overlooking critical evidence. Before the crime scene can be examined, it has to be cordoned off and secured to prevent tampering and contamination. The entire scene and the evidence collected is photographed.

Crime scene investigators have to follow strict protocols for collecting trace evidence such as hair, glass, fiber, paint or dirt in order to maintain the integrity of the chain of evidence. Crime scene investigators must be able to work under conditions that are both physically and emotionally exhausting. They have to be present at the crime scene until all the evidence has been collected and photographed and this can mean working long hours. Their working conditions vary according to the crime committed and have to work indoors and outdoors as well. Crime scene investigators must have good communication skills since they have to testify in the court and convey information and their findings to attorneys and others involved in the case. Hence, crime scene investigators are an important link in the law enforcement chain that helps to solve crime.

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CAD - Computer Aided Design - Unleash New Possiblities in Design Field

Computer aided design or CAD  interior designing. Top quality designs, sketches and drawings can be made in a very short span of time by using  different CAD softwares.

Employment opportunities for CAD professionals depend on their expertise in the profession. The main role of these professionals are making designs or sketches of machines, buildings,structures, cars or any other products as per requirement of the clients in regards to various feasible loads and constraints. After creating and developing 2D images of the products, 3D modeling is done which finally helps in developing the product.
CAD - Computer Aided Design
3D models prepared by the CAD professionals can actually help client know how the building will look likefrom exterior as well as interior post construction. And same can realized from aCAD of an engineering machine or a huge equipment used for industrial purposes.

Some of the major occupations in the field of computer aided design are draftsmen, design technicians, engineering aides and many others. Draftsmen make technicaldrawings and sketches which are used by engineers to create everything from microchips to skyscrapers. They can get opportunities to work with engineering and architectural related companies. Based on their qualifications, these professionals can be categorized as structuraldrafters, electrical drafters, mechanical drafters and many more.

Design technicians areaccountable for the technical factors of the construction. These professionalscreate unique and creative ideas about shape, texture and color. Engineering aids professionals support construction engineers in establishing final construction plans by doing mapping, drawings, blueprints and land surveys.Their job role also includes responsibility of estimating the costs, performing high quality guarantee tests on building materials.
Thus depending on thespecializations, CAD professionals can get placed in civil or manufacturing industries. For CAD professionals teaching sector is another option they can choose, as many up-coming CAD/CAM training institutes are arriving. With good years of experience in the particular field, one can even work as freelance CAD designer or can even start up one 's own business.

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Improving your learning ability - onilne education, online courses, online learning course.

If you want to study a theory, make a report or read a material and if you face problems in doing that then you need to improve your learning abilities. Improving your learning ability is not as difficult as it seems. Once you will be a better learner and you will soon start enjoying every learning experience that you make. Recognizing the importance of learning could be the first step that you can make to improve your learning.

Learning initiates effective action hence it matters not only in your schooling but also in your personal and professional life. It involves permanent change in your behavior by accumulation of knowledge, skills and capabilities. You must be ready to expose yourself to new concepts and ideas in order to learn quicker.  Learning followed by practice could be the ideal experience that one can have to reinforce the positive learning. In the rapidly changing environment and intense competition, you need to constantly update your skills. Continuous learning makes you dynamic person with enhanced skill set. 

Improving your learning ability
Learning can be made easier by considering following points in mind :

· Whenever you start learning a new topic, first of all you must convince yourself that you love learning the topic and it is quite easy.  If you will think that topic is boring or difficult than you may give up the learning before it happens. Positivity plays an important role in learning.

· Our mind easily absorbs visual information and moving images. Use of visuals and motion pictures increase your grasping power.

· Whenever you are listening, take notes along with it. Listening and writing at the same time will store the information quickly into your mind. You can also review your notes after the class is over. 

· Do not engage yourself in learning for continuous hours. Take short breaks while learning. This will give you time to relax and change your mind to some other activity. After that if you will come back to learning, your concentration will be higher and deeper.

· Find out your own learning style. How your leaning gets better either by seeing(visuals), listening(auditory) or by doing(practice).  Adapt the method in which you can excel in your learning. 

You need to follow these simple techniques and experience the difference in your learning abilities. So good luck in your studies and perform well.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Global Trends in Education - Online Education

With the increasing competitiveness and interdependency among countries, each nation is required to develop more knowledge, efficiency and resources of its people to create strong presence in the world. Dynamic changes happening in the 21st century call for series of opportunities and challenges in the global education. Global influences in education require nations to adapt education as a basic human right. Educators need to go beyond the surface of education to give it more depth and breadth rather than making it superficial.

Multicultural and intercultural interactions among and within nations require that the role of education has to expand and it must contribute to make the society more productive. cross-cultural education to young teens is must to prepare them to cope with linguistic and racial dilemmas. Though the education has been set as a fundamental human right, it needs to go far beyond to promote
human development and freedom. In today’s knowledge-based society which is driven by innovation and change, education must attempt to transform unskilled workers into skilled and knowledgeable employees.

Global Trends in Education
Global Trends in Education

Income inequalities and polarization among the countries has been increasing fast hence the education system must aim to bring them on equal footage. High and middle income groups are heavily dependent on private tutoring which has developed “shadow education system” in the world. In poor countries education becomes significant element for poverty alleviation and income generation.

Technology plays a key role in today’s education system. Increasing access to internet and computers has changed traditional classrooms into enhanced learning centers. Online learning has facilitated working professionals to attend the classes and complete their education in the later part of their life. Distance learning facility has increased rapidly due to its flexibility and convenience. Technological advances have forced educators to develop new pedagogical concepts and methods.

                     Adult Education Courses                      Bilingual-tesol Course  

                                     Curriculum-and-instruction Courses

There has been significant growth in vocational education and training.  As the labor market has become more competitive, the working executives have to develop new skills and learn new methods to stay in their jobs. Vocational training not only increases employ ability of working adults but also broaden their knowledge base in their specialized field. Vocational training is the means of career development and enhancement. 

The global trends in education require the government and educators to assume more responsibilities and to create an education system which is more competitive and innovative. Cultural training is required to be promoted in order to reduce cultural conflicts and differences.