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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Global Trends in Education - Online Education

With the increasing competitiveness and interdependency among countries, each nation is required to develop more knowledge, efficiency and resources of its people to create strong presence in the world. Dynamic changes happening in the 21st century call for series of opportunities and challenges in the global education. Global influences in education require nations to adapt education as a basic human right. Educators need to go beyond the surface of education to give it more depth and breadth rather than making it superficial.

Multicultural and intercultural interactions among and within nations require that the role of education has to expand and it must contribute to make the society more productive. cross-cultural education to young teens is must to prepare them to cope with linguistic and racial dilemmas. Though the education has been set as a fundamental human right, it needs to go far beyond to promote
human development and freedom. In today’s knowledge-based society which is driven by innovation and change, education must attempt to transform unskilled workers into skilled and knowledgeable employees.

Global Trends in Education
Global Trends in Education

Income inequalities and polarization among the countries has been increasing fast hence the education system must aim to bring them on equal footage. High and middle income groups are heavily dependent on private tutoring which has developed “shadow education system” in the world. In poor countries education becomes significant element for poverty alleviation and income generation.

Technology plays a key role in today’s education system. Increasing access to internet and computers has changed traditional classrooms into enhanced learning centers. Online learning has facilitated working professionals to attend the classes and complete their education in the later part of their life. Distance learning facility has increased rapidly due to its flexibility and convenience. Technological advances have forced educators to develop new pedagogical concepts and methods.

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                                     Curriculum-and-instruction Courses

There has been significant growth in vocational education and training.  As the labor market has become more competitive, the working executives have to develop new skills and learn new methods to stay in their jobs. Vocational training not only increases employ ability of working adults but also broaden their knowledge base in their specialized field. Vocational training is the means of career development and enhancement. 

The global trends in education require the government and educators to assume more responsibilities and to create an education system which is more competitive and innovative. Cultural training is required to be promoted in order to reduce cultural conflicts and differences.

Business Administration: Challenges of healthcare management - a new dimension

Challenges of healthcare management: a new dimension

A hospital necessarily is not run by the best of the doctors but a group professionally qualified managers and they are armed with professional qualifications in healthcare management which has of late turned to be a buzz word among the people practicing management science. 

Even though the medical professionals are always seen and interacted with the patients and their families and friends, these set of management professionals are mostly behind the curtain. Silently they keep a tab on the administration of the entire hospital setup, ensure a smooth running of the entity, handle the finance related issues in a delicate manner as running a hospital efficiently means handling families and friends of the patients and patients who are admitted there and already feeling troubled and distressed. And if you think that you really want a rewarding career even while serving the society, working as an administrator of hospital management executive can fetch you the job satisfaction as well as satisfactions of serving the society. 
Business Administration : Healthcare Management
With the marked steep increase in numbers of privately-run hospitals across the length and breadth of the country and also chances of being recruited as one of the functionaries as a part of government run setups in addition to scope of jobs in managing public relations and marketing of major medical facility providers, job of a healthcare manager is not exciting and covers a vast area including material management, organizational behavior, man management, finance, healthcare policy and laws etc. Qualified managers in healthcare industry have always strong chances for being promoted into higher positions spanning from head of an administrative department or clinical section to the designation of the chief executive of the particular organization. 

In addition to the inclination of entering into the rapidly expanding healthcare industry which also has been witnessing stiff competitions among the entities in the trade and also a constant supervision of the federal agencies to ensure things go well with the patients and their families, one also needs to have the ability to team up with groups of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, pathologists and other such technically qualified employees of the organization which finally helping the healthcare manager to run the administration smoothly. 

Always wanted to be a doctor or a nurse but could not really make it: then a bachelors’ degree or a masters’ in healthcare management can really help you serve the society at a large as well as doing some good work for the people around you whom you always wished to help. A variety of challenges every other day, every morning something new, interactions with bunch of experts from the medical field and subsequent rewards-all are part of today’s healthcare management, a segment which may even help changing lives of thousands of people when it comes to create policies and laws related to healthcare issues.  

Industry Overview: 
A huge, ever-changing and technologically complex domain, healthcare management has witnessed over 30 percent growth during the period of 2001-2006 in the USA and expects to record a staggering growth of over 35 percent during the five years period ending 2011 since 2006 according to the statistics revealed by the American College of Healthcare Executives, known for its prominence in giving birth of the best of the managers in the healthcare industry. During the period 2001-2006, it added just over 3.1 million jobs, highest by any single industry while Bureau of Labor Statistics believe that during the period 2006-2011, it has added over 3.82 million jobs even as the Bureau awaits the final data collected from all the States.  

Job Outlook:
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical and health services managers in the country is expected to grow by at least 22 percent during the period 2010-2020, faster than the average for all occupations. As the large baby-boom population ages and people remain active later in life, the healthcare industry as a whole will see an upward turn in the demand for medical services.” Managers will be needed to organize and manage medical information and healthcare staffs in all areas of the industry,” added the Bureau in its recently published report thus encouraging the aspiring healthcare executives and managers.  

Job Description:
Graduates in healthcare management who are easily termed as the medical and health services managers/executives are mainly responsible for planning, coordinate and also play a vital role in directing the medical and health services. Some of them are responsible for managing the entire entity while some might feel lucky by handling responsibilities of running a specific department or clinic or a section of the hospital, depending on the size of the organization they are recruited to. As the industry has been witnessing rapid changes in its pattern and getting exposed to several legal issues every other day as in the case of any such rapidly expanding industry, today’s healthcare managers also need to be apprised of laws and any legal amendments, may be directly related to the administration of a hospital or even for subjects like waste management system or systematic and eco-friendly disposability of bio-waste.  

Expected Job Growth:
Meltdown of several other industries could not make much a dent on the prospects and happening of the healthcare industry even as it has posted a steep rise during the previous years and still rising with newer players joining the fray every other day. While Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that employment of professionally qualified managers and executives in this industry is expected to report a growth of 22 percent during 2010-2020, industry experts believe that healthcare management is the single industry which can add maximum number of jobs during next five years. During the year 2010, around 303,000 new jobs were created in healthcare industry, says Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Degrees Offered: 

                                 Associate’s Degree      Bachelor’s Degree       Master’s Degree

Salary Bar: 
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of medical and health services managers was $84,270 in May 2010 with an hourly wage clocked at US $40.52. reveals that average annual salary of a healthcare administrator during the current financial year has been reported to be within the range of US $60,678 and US $117,566. A business office manager in healthcare industry during the same period of consideration has posted a salary ranging from US $45000 to US $60000 while a practice administrator has clocked an average annual salary in the range of US $49,061-US $83524.