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Friday, October 26, 2012

Christian Schools

If you are interested to develop professionally and spiritually and to search deeper truths in every subject, then Christian schools is right option. Students will acquire information through a Christian world of view and will develop strong belief in God where the faculties are devoted Christians. The learning environment encourages wisdom and values in addition to knowledge among students and place high value to relationships. Christian schools care not only for education but also promote solid work ethics, integrity and interpersonal skills. The physical, emotional and spiritual development that you attain from the Christian schools will bring success in your professional and personal life.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Instructional Design & Technology - Integrating Technology with Education

Remember the last time you wanted to make apple pie, Texas chili or say a tasty Italian crepe. Instead of going to the proverbial attic to dig out grandma's recipe did you go online to look for a recipe or video on how to prepare your favorite dish? If yes, then you have participated in a new way of how we learn and seek information.

Or are you somebody your family and friends rely on to turn all the pictures and videos from their last trip abroad into a stunning DVD that plays like a movie? If you have the skill and knowledge on how to transform simple information into an interesting, interactive and engaging experience then the field of Instructional design and technology will open up a rewarding career experience.

The proliferation of the internet, reduction in the prices of computers and hand held tablets, online streaming videos and video chat have led to a revolution in the way study material can be prepared and supplied to students.

Today many students are working at a job and studying at a school or college. Economy and lifestyles changes have dramatically transformed the way students attended school and colleges in the last two decades. Today the number of subjects and the study material that students pursue are far more numerous than students of the past. The need for easily accessible, informative and interactive methods of learning is now more pronounced. Today students need study material that is effective and interesting. Today technology is helping us to achieve more work done in a short time. Instruction design and technology is the gestalt of the same approach in education.

The instructional designer and technologists work in various job roles. Many educational institutions and corporations spend millions of dollars in training the students or employees. Imparting training is now supplemented with instructional videos, web based courses, self paced online learning and better interaction between trainer and trainees. In online classrooms across the nation more students study at a pace that is comfortable to them. More students seek answers to their queries online. The job responsibilities of an instruction designer involve leveraging technology in providing succinct, accessible and interactive environment for learning and instruction.

A good knowledge of using computers, background in mathematics and science are essential to a beginner in the field of instructional technology and Design. The understanding of human psychology, use of multimedia and effective use of color, text, animations etc. are also essential to make good instruction material. The professionals in this field achieve specialization in web design, digital graphics, animation, movie making etc. The job of an instructional technologist exciting opportunity of lifelong learning and experimentation as you prepare and work with many different technologies. It is a combination of art of information presentation combined technology. The field of instructional designer and technologist promises more interesting avenues of specialization as more research and advances in technology changes over the years. 

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Global Trends in Education - Online Education

With the increasing competitiveness and interdependency among countries, each nation is required to develop more knowledge, efficiency and resources of its people to create strong presence in the world. Dynamic changes happening in the 21st century call for series of opportunities and challenges in the global education. Global influences in education require nations to adapt education as a basic human right. Educators need to go beyond the surface of education to give it more depth and breadth rather than making it superficial.

Multicultural and intercultural interactions among and within nations require that the role of education has to expand and it must contribute to make the society more productive. cross-cultural education to young teens is must to prepare them to cope with linguistic and racial dilemmas. Though the education has been set as a fundamental human right, it needs to go far beyond to promote
human development and freedom. In today’s knowledge-based society which is driven by innovation and change, education must attempt to transform unskilled workers into skilled and knowledgeable employees.

Global Trends in Education
Global Trends in Education

Income inequalities and polarization among the countries has been increasing fast hence the education system must aim to bring them on equal footage. High and middle income groups are heavily dependent on private tutoring which has developed “shadow education system” in the world. In poor countries education becomes significant element for poverty alleviation and income generation.

Technology plays a key role in today’s education system. Increasing access to internet and computers has changed traditional classrooms into enhanced learning centers. Online learning has facilitated working professionals to attend the classes and complete their education in the later part of their life. Distance learning facility has increased rapidly due to its flexibility and convenience. Technological advances have forced educators to develop new pedagogical concepts and methods.

                     Adult Education Courses                      Bilingual-tesol Course  

                                     Curriculum-and-instruction Courses

There has been significant growth in vocational education and training.  As the labor market has become more competitive, the working executives have to develop new skills and learn new methods to stay in their jobs. Vocational training not only increases employ ability of working adults but also broaden their knowledge base in their specialized field. Vocational training is the means of career development and enhancement. 

The global trends in education require the government and educators to assume more responsibilities and to create an education system which is more competitive and innovative. Cultural training is required to be promoted in order to reduce cultural conflicts and differences.

Business Administration - Online Business Education

The customer comes first-that is the mantra for all the corporate, service-providers and business organizations. But sometimes these few valuable words just remain in the corporate books and they turn into production-driven entities rather than having their key focus on customers and their interests. And most of the times it costs them a lot as such corporate, service-providers tend to loose customers, even the loyal ones to their rivals who emphasis more on the theory of ‘customer is the king.’

Now it is all changing very fast as the corporate world showing more interest in building organizations driven by requirements of the customers and so is the demand for the students who studies the science and art of leading customer driven organizations during their business studies

Business Administration
If you think that you find yourself fit among a team in a corporate which works mostly on looking at the needs of the customers and thus passing on the information to the decision-makers helping them to evolve policies involving customer-interest protection and also designing products as per customer requirements, then this is one of the most interesting and exciting areas within business management orbit.

The study programs will typically help you learning lessons on how to develop a customer centred focus that will have a positive impact on the performance of the organisation while also exposing you to the hazards of creating strategies for organizational changes. The area of the program, Leading The Customer Driven Organization, also consists of lessons on creating a systematic approach to work out integrating business systems for ‘further effective internal and external customer service management.’

And once you are done with the class-room sessions thus being armed with a degree or diploma in this domain, you may not face too much hurdles to secure a job in one of the corporate or business organisations which are looking at people who also believe that the customer is the king and pamper the customers to retain them.