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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Instructional Design & Technology - Integrating Technology with Education

Remember the last time you wanted to make apple pie, Texas chili or say a tasty Italian crepe. Instead of going to the proverbial attic to dig out grandma's recipe did you go online to look for a recipe or video on how to prepare your favorite dish? If yes, then you have participated in a new way of how we learn and seek information.

Or are you somebody your family and friends rely on to turn all the pictures and videos from their last trip abroad into a stunning DVD that plays like a movie? If you have the skill and knowledge on how to transform simple information into an interesting, interactive and engaging experience then the field of Instructional design and technology will open up a rewarding career experience.

The proliferation of the internet, reduction in the prices of computers and hand held tablets, online streaming videos and video chat have led to a revolution in the way study material can be prepared and supplied to students.

Today many students are working at a job and studying at a school or college. Economy and lifestyles changes have dramatically transformed the way students attended school and colleges in the last two decades. Today the number of subjects and the study material that students pursue are far more numerous than students of the past. The need for easily accessible, informative and interactive methods of learning is now more pronounced. Today students need study material that is effective and interesting. Today technology is helping us to achieve more work done in a short time. Instruction design and technology is the gestalt of the same approach in education.

The instructional designer and technologists work in various job roles. Many educational institutions and corporations spend millions of dollars in training the students or employees. Imparting training is now supplemented with instructional videos, web based courses, self paced online learning and better interaction between trainer and trainees. In online classrooms across the nation more students study at a pace that is comfortable to them. More students seek answers to their queries online. The job responsibilities of an instruction designer involve leveraging technology in providing succinct, accessible and interactive environment for learning and instruction.

A good knowledge of using computers, background in mathematics and science are essential to a beginner in the field of instructional technology and Design. The understanding of human psychology, use of multimedia and effective use of color, text, animations etc. are also essential to make good instruction material. The professionals in this field achieve specialization in web design, digital graphics, animation, movie making etc. The job of an instructional technologist exciting opportunity of lifelong learning and experimentation as you prepare and work with many different technologies. It is a combination of art of information presentation combined technology. The field of instructional designer and technologist promises more interesting avenues of specialization as more research and advances in technology changes over the years. 

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