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Health Sciences - Applications of Nanotechnology in Health Sciences

Health sciences 
Nanotechnology is the science of the small, although the subject area is not small but too vast and interesting. Nanotechnology deals with small, very small structures, usually less than 100 nanometers in diameter. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. Materials of this size have some unique properties that can be explored for many applications, such as nanomedicine.

Nanomedicine is one of the emerging sectors under nanotechnology. By using nanomedicine, it would become possible to repair damaged human tissues, say the scientists working on this specialized technology. It would also be possible to grow human tissues using nanomedicine. This implies that it would be possible to grow a new liver or a new heart or any other organ and replace the damaged organ, they claim following extensive research work done in this field. This is also an application of the stem cells. nanomedicine has implications in curing diseases like AIDS, alzheimer's, cardiovascular diseases etc.

The idea on which the nanomedicine works is that it creates nano bots (extremely small vehicles used for carrying treatment) which can be injected in the human body. After being injected, these nano bots go to the affected cancerous tissue and give out specific small bouts of radiation to those tissues which could avoid the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Neuroscientists are developing nano-particles to cross the blood-brain barrier which has potential in treating brain tumors in the near future. NASA is also doing substantial research on nanomedicine and its application in space medicine. When a cell is damaged by radiation, it exhibits different proteins on its surface. The nano bots would be able to detect such proteins and repair the cell possibly by giving it antioxidants. These type of various applications and ongoing research work show that the area of nanotechnology is very vast and emerging steadily.

Thus, nanomedicine has all the potentials to revolutionize the world of medicine. It would be possible to cure presently incurable diseases and help in preventive medicine as well, believe the scientists. Nanomedicine as it is being portrayed would definitely help in increasing life spans of human beings, promoting healthier lives and enriching the world through health and vitality. 

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Holistic Health, Oriential Med, Hypnotherapy

            Health matters..and so is the holistic health sector as profession

The part can never be well unless the whole is well - a concept spoken by the great Greek philosopher Plato about 2300 years ago serves as the basis of holistic healthcare practices. The history of holistic healthcare treatments dates back to more than 5,000 years ago and it was originated in China. Even though some advancement in scientific medicines made the society to forget about the holistic concepts in 20th century, the after effects of modern medicine and several chronic conditions made them turn back to holistic healing. So nowadays, alternative medical treatments are gaining wide attention in the country, which offers relaxation and rejuvenating effect for individuals. In holistic health practices, human body is considered as an interconnected system. Any slight defect in this whole system can cause both physical and mental imbalances. Natural healing strategies used in holistic treatment deals with the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of a person.

According to the report of Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the key factors influencing an individual's state of health have not changed significantly over the past 20 years. Quality of medical care is only 10%. Heredity accounts for 18% and environment is 19%. Everyday lifestyle choices are 53%. The decisions people make about their life and habits are, therefore, by far the largest factor in determining their state of wellness. In this context, most of individuals will approach holistic health practitioners to find great relief, which in turn will create new job openings. If you are interested to build a career in these natural healing practices, then study programs offered in different holistic health programs can help you. Some of the specialization or major options include acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, reflexology, traditional Chinese medicines, hypnotherapy, oriental medicine, metaphysics, etc. Along with focusing on the medical aspects, the academic curriculum covers philosophical and spiritual facts that have a great relation with human mind and soul. All programs mainly focus on helping the people to adapt a lifestyle that focuses on greater health and well-being. Be the part of this exciting profession and help others to live a healthy life through a healing touch. 

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Health Care and Medical Services - Choose a Lucrative Field in the Healthcare Industry

Health care & Medical services 
Choosing a right career path is an important step in one's life. So it is very necessary to think not only twice but also many times before you choose major. According to the U.S Department of Labor most of the high paying jobs were in medical field. Covering all the areas of medical and science field which is dedicated to the needs of public life have a vast variety of specializations and supporting vocations. World population is increasing tremendously and also the emerging diseases and health issues. Every individual wants to live healthy and so that only the accesses to health care have increased which always maintain the field high in demand. Some of the most lucrative options observed in recent times have been mentioned as follows. Surgeons have been paid highest amount $181,850 and rank first among the top paid jobs in United States. The other professions such as anesthesiologist are earning $174,610, Orthodontist earns $153,380 and psychiatrists are paid an amount of $151,380.Even the general practitioners and physicians earns an amount of $137,100. 

A career in the medical field gives you self satisfaction and exciting opportunities to serve the health of the public. The extensive field of health care ranging from diagnostic services to surgery, nursing care and numerous other services requires strong sense of ethics and empathy. Specific knowledge with great attention to the details is important for the medical professionals. Some of the options that you can choose in the health services apart from joining a medical school include addiction worker, clinical medical assistant , laboratory technician, nutritionist, x-ray technician etc. Enrolling into a medical school requires four year degree from an accredited university with very specific knowledge preferably in biology or other sciences along with a score in MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).

The academic program along with the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge helps students in their research and service and is dedicated to a lifelong learning and sustained commitment to human service. The recent trend of online education has also hit the health care field and thereby making the galaxy of opportunities more accessible. As the field is full of research and development a medical professional should always stay up to date in their knowledge with great communication and problem solving skills.

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Race to the Top - Education Administrators

Education administration involves the administration and organization of an educational institution to ensure it's smooth running. While the services of education administrators are used by higher educational or further educational institutions, these skills are beginning to be used in other educational areas as well.

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The Next Generation of Educational Leadership

Educational leaders are experienced faculty members who take on a variety of roles in the sphere of education such as direct departments, lead boards and committees, and provide accountability and leadership to the other teachers in an educational institution.

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Discover Your Adventure! Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and instruction is a field within education which focuses on research, development and implementation of curriculum that increases student's achievement within and outside of schools. Most educators feel a constant need to improve the mode of education and curriculum taught in schools.

A curriculum and instruction specialists is an advanced career in education. Improvements are made in curriculum through research and development and testing of new methods and technologies.

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Portraits of Success With Bilingual Programs

Bilingual education involves teaching academic content in two languages, in a native and secondary language with varying amounts of each language used in accordance with the program model.

Once they are confident and are fairly proficient in the other language(English), they can continue their education with their English speaking peers. Bilingual teachers are also called TESOL teachers, which means Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

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The Complete Wine Course

Wine studies is related to bartenders who work in bars providing alcoholic and also at times non-alcoholic beverages to the people and also serving wine to various customers during the bar hours.

This profession also involves a very disciplined approach for the aspiring candidate as the profession gives one a lot of free-hand in handling alcohol and people, some of whom at times may even lose their senses being intoxicated.

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Product Design - Let Everyday's World Look Better and Attractive: Designing as a Profession

The computer screen on which you are reading this has been on for the last one hour? That mouse you use to navigate your cursor fits your palm and performs movements precisely as you move it around? Or maybe you're using a phone and browsing this site online? You play online games with players from across the world using joysticks and a video game box. You've used a can opener to open that can of spaghetti last night. The computer monitor, the mouse, joystick, video games boxes and can opener are all examples of good product design. The computer monitor has been ergonomically designed to provide hours of stress free reading and viewing pleasure. If you are excited about designing different kinds of consumer and industrial products you've come to the right place. You can choose from campus courses and online courses. Depending on your educational qualifications you can start at a bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree program.

The field of industrial and product design is a combination of many different disciplines of study. You will need to apply principles from mathematics, physics, chemistry, manufacturing processes, materials and computer aided design/drawing. You will study the non technical aspects of good product design like cultural and social context. You will undergo training in computer aided design, creating prototypes, performing tests and iterating your design to combine the right elements from different prototypes.

You will work in different conditions depending on the context of the industry, business you are employed with. You will work at various stages of product design like visualization, CAD drawings, planning for manufacturing and cost analysis. At all times you will be combining one or more aspects of good industrial and product design. You will address issues of user interaction with your product, shape, color, weight, ergonomic factors, manufacturing and production of the product. According to your interests and skills you will choose to specialize in different kinds of designs like medical equipment, electronic equipment, industrial equipments etc. You will find that there are many companies and organizations that hire industrial and product designers ranging from small manufacturing units to corporations with offices across the globe. Initially you will work in a team under supervision. Most industrial and product designers work with several different departments within their organization ranging from material procurement to the workshop. Effective communication skills and teamwork are very essential when interacting with customers and colleagues.

Consumers today demand functional and stylish products ranging from cell phones to the microwave in the kitchen. Competition demands that innovation and style be incorporated when designing products for the future. You will find ample opportunities to learn explore and execute designs for products ranging from tooth brush to elevators.

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Set and Exhibit Designers - Strike the Synergy Between Glamor and Design:Make it Look Better

Drama is an artistic manifestation and live performance in front of an audience of a fiction or nonfiction story. Stagecraft is concerned with the technical aspects of theater, film and video production and stage management. Behind the successful production of a movie or a drama, there is a lot of teamwork and hard work. There are several set of professionals who work behind the scenes for successful release of a visual art. Actors, producers, directors, set and exhibit designers, stage craft professionals, technical team and many other people work as a team to make a film or theatre art a huge success.

Do you have a great passion of acting? Is it your dream to be on big screens before large number of audience? If you have talent and a hardworking mind, then you can choose acting career. Acting is a talent more than an art; you can't learn it from any academic program. But you can discover your acting talent and add some professional touch to that. There are so many acting schools or arts schools across the country that offers degree programs in acting. You should be expressive enough to build a connection with the audience. Emotions and feelings that you can convey through body languages and facial expressions should catch the attention of people. It is not easy to get a start in film industry, you have to try much harder and attend so many auditions. You can even work in theatre arts such as drama and play that can provide you a stage experience. As an actor, may be you have to wait for many long years to get that big break. It is a career that needs constant hard work to reach the heights.

Film and drama industry is a platform where different artists with different and unique talents meet. So behind the casting, dialogues and the overall feel of the film or play, there lies the effective planning of a director. Without proper direction and sufficient amount of budget, no movies can be made. Financial investments, promotional activities, music launch and several activities are managed by producers. On the other hand, a director is the master brain behind the production of these visual treats.Selecting the right technical team, discussing the story plot with the whole team and turning actors to those written characters are some of their job responsibilities.

Whenever we watch a movie, the background sceneries set in the films catch most eye sights in theaters. Most of them appear to be real places and buildings, while they won't be. It is artistic creativity of set and exhibit designers. What about a career in this field? Only thing you require is an academic degree and brain with some brilliant ideas. They have to make some structures that suit the story plot. Since various types of sets are required in different settings, they can find career options in film productions, event management companies, exhibitors etc. Set and exhibit designers try to create some unique designs that match up with the client's or director's expectations and requirements.

Now it is time to make your choice, because options are many. Choose the right career that matches with not only with your interests but also with your skills and talents.

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Toy Design - Toy with the Creative Ideas, Toy Design As a Career Option

Toy design
Paper planes, spinning tops, little toy soldiers and dolls are part of children's lives everywhere around the world. From board games to radio controlled cars we have played all kinds of toys when we were growing up.

You named your favorite doll when you were four and still use that name as your password. You moved three times and yet managed not to lose your collection of miniature tanks and little toy animals that you liked since you were a kid. 

You love toys. Now get ready to make some of your own. You will need some background in mathematics, physics and computer graphics. Besides all the basics in sciences, you'll need creativity, visualization and a good understanding of what kind of toys would be fun to play with. You are entering a field about making toys which children enjoy and have fun with. However, you are entering a field where fierce competition exists. To prepare for a career in toy designing you have many options. You could choose from several options from associates degree to a bachelor's degree in fine arts. The courses vary in duration at colleges and universities across the nation. You will be taking classes in drawing, model making, games and game theory, 2d and 3d visualization, mathematics, and toy packaging design. You'll also learn about laws and regulations related to safety when designing toys and games for children.

Where will you work? Mostly in large companies which design and sell toys. You will need a portfolio of prototypes, videos and animations showcasing your designed products and your talent. At your job you'll most likely work in teams to take a toy design from concept to a complete product. You'll be involved in different stages like toy design, marketing and manufacturing processes of toys, intended audience research etc. You'll be working towards creating a cost effective, well designed toy that children will want around the nation. Due to the nature of the business professionals in this field have fun and literally play at work, however, at times you'll be working very hard and your company is not seeing good results in sales and profit. Diligence, hard work and patience infused with creativity and thinking out of the box will bring in success and handsome rewards.

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Web Design and Multimedia - Explore the Endless Possibilities of web Design

Web designers and multimedia professionals are involved in the design of various websites and material which we see mainly on the internet in the form of graphic design, play of colors, flash, animation etc. Multimedia professionals may also be employed in the making of video games, television, movies, animated movies etc. The main job of web design and multimedia professionals is to crate aesthetically pleasing websites which may catch hold the attention span of the general public for a certain period of time at least. In order for the website to be successful, the web designers try to achieve a fine balance between the text, graphics, color schemes etc. and other elements which constitute the main design elements of the website.

Emphasis is also given on the graphic design elements of the website so that the website becomes balanced and more importantly becomes attractive for the surfers. For this purpose the web designers use various color schemes, icons and symbols to make the website more attractive. They even make use of various software and applications such as macromedia flash, which makes the graphics move like various animations are running and thus add special effects to the website. Web designers and multimedia professionals are often confused with web developers. But web developers in fact are persons who are responsible for writing the code and programs for the making the structure and frame work of the website. Web designers and multimedia professionals however are able to make and build the visibility of the website. 

There are also multimedia artists who are involved in the creation of movie special effects, video game characters and plots, various kinds of animations etc. Some of the multimedia artists prefer to first sketch with hand and then convert their creations into soft format through various computer software. Multimedia artists increasingly use animation to give vent to their creativity and are involved in the production of various video games, animations, characters, etc. Web design and multimedia artists are working in a constantly evolving field with technological progress happening almost on a daily basis and hence they have to remain current by taking note of such changes. They also employ various computer software in their work.

Thus, there are lots of opportunities available in the career path of web design and multimedia which one can explore.

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Mathematics and Computer Science - Computations and Calculations may Build an Exciting Career

Learning computers and its applications might be a favorite option for everyone, but what about mathematics? For most of the students, mathematics is a dreadful dream that scares them with some calculations, proofs, geometric diagrams etc. But it is a fact that each and every scientific or engineering discipline is built on mathematical principles and theorem.

Renowned English mathematician Issac Barrow quoted, Mathematics- the unshaken foundation of sciences and the plentiful foundation of advantage to human affairs. Understanding the root mathematical concepts means you can learn most of the subjects easily. One of the perfect examples is application of mathematics in computer science .

Computer instructions are written and coded with different types of programming languages which translate to machine languages. So those instructions or designs known as algorithm are based on some mathematical theories. If you have sound knowledge in mathematical theorems, it would be easy for you to learn those computational concepts. Real world applications are built on strong foundation of proven principles. How we implement those methods to prove the feasibility or relevancy of computer applications? Again here comes the role of mathematics. If you are interested in making mathematician as a career option or if you are inclined to a career in computers, do not forget the fact that both are interconnected. As a mathematician, you can develop computational methods and computer codes, based on which real world problems will be solved. On the other hand, as an IT professional, you may use applied mathematics in your area of expertise, even if it is programming or information security. No matter, in which niche area you work, mathematics can be found in every computer related occupation.

If you wish to become a mathematician or a computer professional, you should know the educational path. As we have discussed, both the majors are closely related, so what about pursuing an interdisciplinary course? Majoring in an interdisciplinary program of mathematics and computer science helps you in exploring diverse career roles. An associate's degree in either mathematics or computer science can be your initial step. Enrolling into a bachelor's degree interdisciplinary program of mathematics and computer science, can help you gaining in-depth knowledge in both the disciplines. This can serve as a knowledge foundation, based on which your career will be built. Completing the bachelor's degree, you can even specialize in any specific option with an advanced degree.

It is the time to be informed about salaries of these professions. Computer professions are always viewed as a lucrative career choice. Bureau of labor statistics reports that the job growth is also expected to be far better. What would be job outlook of mathematical careers? It would be surprising to know that mathematicians are one among the highly paid careers with a median annual wage of $99,380. Even the job prospects are expected to be good with keen competition. So get ready to play with numbers, make calculations and code some programs. Start your search for the right match of colleges and universities .

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The Vital Importance of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is defined as education received during the first eight years of the child's life. It is during this phase that the perception of child for various things is developing and is at its peak and during this period, most of the learning of the child takes place. Thus, it becomes imperative that proper care and guidance should be given to the child in these formative years since it has a bearing on their future adult life as well.

In general, the entire learning process should be fun for the child and not something forceful and imposed on the child. Thus, if proper care is taken for the early childhood education of the child, it will reap in benefits for both the child and the parents and ultimately help in building a healthy, prosperous nation. 

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Computer Technology Database Management - Manage the Data and the Wealth of Information

A database administrator is a person responsible for the installation, configuration, upgrade, administration, monitoring and maintenance of database in an organization. From millions of dollars worth of stock transactions to processing insurance information for clients at a health management organization- all transactions are done by utilizing databases. Credit card transactions to social networking would not be possible without computer databases. The job of a database manager is also known as Database Administrator (DBA for short). The database administration or management  is done round the clock at major corporations, airline, rail and major transportation hubs across the nation. The database managers ensure that the database query and report transactions are completed on time and accurately.

Database Management 
Database operations generally work round the clock. Almost all major database installations at major companies in the US have a team of database administrator(s) working around the clock. The most important part of the job is data security and managing access. The number of DBA's required varies according to the size of the database, the importance of the availability of the information and many other factors specific to the company. Some database administrators are required to be on call, for severe emergencies and some work on holidays. A database administrator's job is very important as millions of other people would rely on the information that a database would provide.

Companies and institutions of all sizes, employ database administrators or database managers. Credit card companies, Banking corporations and Health Management organizations across the nation hire many database administrators. Social networking sites and online gaming websites also have their own database administration team. The advent of the internet and the success of social networking sites have attracted more corporations and companies around the world. Perhaps, this will see a rise in the demand of database administrators. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of jobs of database administrators was 110,800.

Thus, the job of computer database administrator is a crucial one as it is the backbone of many essential services we use daily.

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Computer Science - The man, the Machine and the Science-an Effective Combination

In today's high-tech world, computers and computer sciences have become the heart core of all operations. With wide varied applications in differed sections, the use of computers has revolutionized the world. Business, healthcare, law and justice, education and many more fields rely on the computer technologies. Whenever you use different types of computer technologies, have you ever thought about the master brains behind that architecture or design? Different computational methods, processes and applications are designed by computer scientists. A relatively new discipline, computer science mainly focuses on theory of computation and design of computers.

Alan Mathison Turing, a British computer scientist and mathematician is considered as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. He developed Turing machine, a finite state machine, which was designed to perform logical operations and could read, write and erase symbols on an infinite paper tape. It can be used to simulate the logic of any computer algorithm, which is extremely helpful in design phase. If you are a tech-savvy and have a great love for computers, you can pursue a major in computer science. Several colleges and universities offer degrees in computer science major. Associate, bachelor's, master's, doctorate, PhD and certificate level programs are offered by several educational institutions. Computer Schools will help you to find a fascinating career in this technological world. The academic schedules with advanced technologies and well-qualified faculties moulds the students well enough to think creatively and chart out a professional career. Since computer science is vast field, you can even find so many specialization options. Some options include Artificial intelligence (AI), Computer Information Systems (CIS), graphics and multimedia, programming, networking, robotics and many more.

As a computer scientist, you have to work towards developing new innovative computer technologies and increasing the efficiency of existing systems. Your job profile may vary according to your chosen fields. Reports published by bureau of labor statistics state that, 'For applicants seeking employment in a specialized field, such as finance or biology, knowledge of that field, along with the computer science degree, may be helpful in attaining a job.'Computer scientists study and solve complex problems in computing processes for business, science, healthcare, engineering technologies etc. You have to code highly complex algorithms and programs that can't be broken down by any hackers or affected by any security breaches. With the increasing use of computers, the demand for computer professionals is also high in demand. With a computer science degree, you can find rewarding range of career options with handsome amount of salary.

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Landscape Design - Let the Surroundings Look More Beautiful

You visit a mall and notice how the parking lot looks drab and devoid of any natural scenery. You know exactly how to redesign the parking lot with some trees and lawns making it look better. You know exactly how to lay the water lines for the lawn. You visited an old relative in Texas and you talked about how cast iron plants and bottlebrush plants make the garden look good. You know your local plants, seasons and how they provide color and beauty to buildings and homes. You are good at reading a diagram or layout of a building and figuring out how the landscape should look like. You are a perfect candidate for the field of landscape designing.

It is time you invested in a formal education to convert your knowledge, skill and hobby into a full time vocation and career. The field of illustration and landscape design has changed over the years. More companies and offices across the nation are looking at redesigning the landscape and surroundings to make it more pleasant. In recent years more businesses across the nation are investing in ecological and functional landscapes.

An illustration and landscape designer course would've you studying the various plants and shrubs for summer, fall and spring seasons. You will be studying site analysis and site engineering. You will perform site visits to make estimates and analysis about the number of plants required and their impact on the natural surroundings of the building. You will work with guiding and supervising the various site engineering operations that involve construction, soil building and installation of water and energy efficient systems. You will be employed at various landscape design firms, architecture offices, nurseries and independent contractors. Many are employed at full time jobs across the nation; however, there are many landscape designers who work as freelance consultants. You will also find work loads changing according to the season depending on where you live and work. Your work will involve a combination of indoor and outdoor work. You will be working at a computer desk using computer aided design software to create the design and layout for your clients and you will often visit sites to survey the layout and surroundings.

You will have an exciting time working with many different clients each with a different perspective on what will look good on their building. A residential building owner will have a totally different view from an architect who is designing a commercial building for offices. The job demands hard work, patience and creativity. Your landscape design will bring cheer and joy in your community. It will provide a charming and pleasant workplace for many people. So go out there and paint the town 'Green.'

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Instructional Design & Technology - Integrating Technology with Education

Remember the last time you wanted to make apple pie, Texas chili or say a tasty Italian crepe. Instead of going to the proverbial attic to dig out grandma's recipe did you go online to look for a recipe or video on how to prepare your favorite dish? If yes, then you have participated in a new way of how we learn and seek information.

Or are you somebody your family and friends rely on to turn all the pictures and videos from their last trip abroad into a stunning DVD that plays like a movie? If you have the skill and knowledge on how to transform simple information into an interesting, interactive and engaging experience then the field of Instructional design and technology will open up a rewarding career experience.

The proliferation of the internet, reduction in the prices of computers and hand held tablets, online streaming videos and video chat have led to a revolution in the way study material can be prepared and supplied to students.

Today many students are working at a job and studying at a school or college. Economy and lifestyles changes have dramatically transformed the way students attended school and colleges in the last two decades. Today the number of subjects and the study material that students pursue are far more numerous than students of the past. The need for easily accessible, informative and interactive methods of learning is now more pronounced. Today students need study material that is effective and interesting. Today technology is helping us to achieve more work done in a short time. Instruction design and technology is the gestalt of the same approach in education.

The instructional designer and technologists work in various job roles. Many educational institutions and corporations spend millions of dollars in training the students or employees. Imparting training is now supplemented with instructional videos, web based courses, self paced online learning and better interaction between trainer and trainees. In online classrooms across the nation more students study at a pace that is comfortable to them. More students seek answers to their queries online. The job responsibilities of an instruction designer involve leveraging technology in providing succinct, accessible and interactive environment for learning and instruction.

A good knowledge of using computers, background in mathematics and science are essential to a beginner in the field of instructional technology and Design. The understanding of human psychology, use of multimedia and effective use of color, text, animations etc. are also essential to make good instruction material. The professionals in this field achieve specialization in web design, digital graphics, animation, movie making etc. The job of an instructional technologist exciting opportunity of lifelong learning and experimentation as you prepare and work with many different technologies. It is a combination of art of information presentation combined technology. The field of instructional designer and technologist promises more interesting avenues of specialization as more research and advances in technology changes over the years. 

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Computer Engineering - A Digital Delight: Computer Engineering a Rewarding Career

Welcome to the world of binary language, in the maze of zeros and ones, in the world of numbers and equations, welcome to the world of  computer programming. Computers have become a defining part of our everyday lives. From the spacecrafts we launch to the pins we manufacture, computers play a vital role in everything. They control manufacturing, the way we entertain ourselves, the way we manage our industrial production, and the way we communicate and store and transmit information. They have become such a commonplace sight in our everyday lives that we cease to even notice their presence anymore. However, there are a large number of professionals who are behind the technologies which we take for granted. There are computer programmers, computer hardware professionals and network engineering professionals who cater to the needs of this ever growing and evolving industry. Let us explore how these professionals function and what is their scope of work.

Computer engineers can broadly be divided into two categories, application engineers and systems engineers. Application engineers  understand and analyze the needs of the end user and design, construct, deploy, and maintain general computer applications software or specialized utility programs. Different programming languages are used by the computer engineers depending upon the purpose of the program and the environment in which the program runs. The most common programming languages used are C, C++, Java, etc. Some of the computer engineers also develop databases. System engineers coordinate the construction, maintenance, and expansion of an organization's computer systems.                       
                                           Computer Engineering 

Computer hardware engineers  are responsible for the rapid strides which the computer world has taken in development of cutting edge technology which is finding applications everywhere. Computer hardware engineers are the ones who are responsible for the development, design, test and implementation of various physical aspects of computers such as circuit boards, memory chips, mother boards, etc. They are responsible for the development of more sophisticated computing machines and are related to the development of physical interface of computing.

Network engineers  act like plumbers of the digital world. The wade through a maze of wires and network cables and establish connections between various computers in a workgroup or connect the computers to the internet. Network engineers have become an essential part of various corporations and offices where they rely on the computer networks to get their business done and provide support to their clients. Hence it is of utmost importance that their networks keep on running smoothly without any hitches so that they don't lose their business and customers. Hence the job of network engineers is quite important in the sense that whole business and operations are relying on them. Network engineers may also work in the field of data security and network security and protect the computer networks from unauthorized access and hacking menace.

Thus, computer engineering professionals, be it in any role, form a backbone of our society and the way we manage our businesses, work and way of living. You can come and explore the diverse range of opportunities that the world of computers has to offer and immerse yourself with endless possibilities.

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