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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Art and Design Schools

A penchant for creativity and an inclination towards arts and design are essential prerequisites for gaining entry into Art and Design Schools. If you want for yourself a career which encompasses your appreciation of aesthetics combined with a practical approach then you have chosen the right track. Transforming your sensitivity towards beauty and arts into something which is of value to society by the means of an artwork, an installation, or a sculpture is the core principle of any art and design school. The field of art and design is full of possibilities and has no bounds making you shine in a lucrative career.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Toy Design - Toy with the Creative Ideas, Toy Design As a Career Option

Toy design
Paper planes, spinning tops, little toy soldiers and dolls are part of children's lives everywhere around the world. From board games to radio controlled cars we have played all kinds of toys when we were growing up.

You named your favorite doll when you were four and still use that name as your password. You moved three times and yet managed not to lose your collection of miniature tanks and little toy animals that you liked since you were a kid. 

You love toys. Now get ready to make some of your own. You will need some background in mathematics, physics and computer graphics. Besides all the basics in sciences, you'll need creativity, visualization and a good understanding of what kind of toys would be fun to play with. You are entering a field about making toys which children enjoy and have fun with. However, you are entering a field where fierce competition exists. To prepare for a career in toy designing you have many options. You could choose from several options from associates degree to a bachelor's degree in fine arts. The courses vary in duration at colleges and universities across the nation. You will be taking classes in drawing, model making, games and game theory, 2d and 3d visualization, mathematics, and toy packaging design. You'll also learn about laws and regulations related to safety when designing toys and games for children.

Where will you work? Mostly in large companies which design and sell toys. You will need a portfolio of prototypes, videos and animations showcasing your designed products and your talent. At your job you'll most likely work in teams to take a toy design from concept to a complete product. You'll be involved in different stages like toy design, marketing and manufacturing processes of toys, intended audience research etc. You'll be working towards creating a cost effective, well designed toy that children will want around the nation. Due to the nature of the business professionals in this field have fun and literally play at work, however, at times you'll be working very hard and your company is not seeing good results in sales and profit. Diligence, hard work and patience infused with creativity and thinking out of the box will bring in success and handsome rewards.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

3D Design - Desing Schools,Animation Schools,Online Jobs,Online Courses

3D Design
OVERVIEW :Over the past half century, the field of design and graphics has grown immensely which inspired the artist to carry out their creative work for pay checks. The talent and perseverance of artist opens avenues to many career options. A 3D artist earns higher remuneration as well as chases prestige and popularity in the minds of public. Degree programs in animation or graphic design coupled with knowledge and creativity offers you broad future prospects including both commercial and artistic. Film industry, media, gaming sectors, web development and many more job sectors receive the services of the 3D designers.

Technological world is witnessing new trends in the gaming and web development with the entry of innovative animation effects. Most common job roles include 3D animators and 3D designers. They have to focus on modeling, background design, composition, animation and special effects. 3D designers and animators use computer software technologies to design and develop the 3D images. Designing corporate logos, designing the conceptual part of the game arts, creating online advertisements etc are some of their responsibilities.
3D designers and illustrators should have a great talent for colors, shapes and images. In website development phases, they have to introduce simple and creative ideas to create a pleasing visual effect for the websites. World of video gaming is revolutionized with the animation effects attached with highly creative 3D designs. According to concept of the game, 3D animators have to develop story board with proper multimedia effects. A unique theme should be implemented through cutting edge technologies which will introduce simple ideas to the world.
JOB OUTLOOK :A career of 3D designer or animator can offer you fruitful results if you are creative as well as tech-savvy. With the increased use of internet and technological advancements in the entertainment media, job prospects appear to be in favorable situation for the aspiring artists. Despite the tough competition in the industry, your knowledge and style of the art will always fetch a rewarding job for you.
3D design programs are offered along with the animation or graphic design courses.
Associate's   -Bachelor's   -Master's    -Certificate
According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for graphic designers are expected to increase by 13 percent and that of animators by 8 percent during 2010 -20.

OccupationELEMAW(2010)EOL (10%)EOH (10%)

Graphic DesignersBachelor' Degree$43,500$26,200$76,910

Multimedia Artists And AnimatorsBachelor' Degree$58,510$33,840$99,830

ELE-Entry Level Education            MAW- Medain Annual Wage
-Earning of Lowest                 EOH-Earning of Highest
Source : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Floral Design - Make the world more Beautiful with Flowers

A lovely bride will look totally incomplete without a beautiful wedding bouquet. A romantic proposal will be imperfect without a beautiful red rose. Flowers carry the lovely emotions of a Valentine’s Day and on the other hand they can convey the sympathy for the departed of loved one. Flowers are so close to human heart and feelings. According to recent study conducted on behavioral research by the Strathclyde University in Scotland, it was proved that flowers are a natural and healthy moderator of human moods. They can bring out the positive emotional feelings of human mind even in the highly depressed situations.
Floral Design
Nature is the most beautiful artwork in the earth with its highly aesthetic appeal and elegance added by the colorful flowers. If you have a great passion for flowers, then floral designing may be a right career option for you. Academic curriculum of floral design mainly focuses on the diverse aspects of floriculture and horticulture. Live, dried and artificial flowers are used for creating the floral accessories such as bouquet, vase, corsage, wreath etc. Most of the floral designers work with the event planners of wedding, parties etc. and also with the interior designers. Since each occasion need different floral arrangement, floral designers have to come up with new ideas that grab the hearts of people.
Color combinations used in the floral designs always hold great importance because human beings respond to color in different ways. So selection of the right flower is an important matter to consider. Even the colors of flowers represent several feelings just like the way a red rose stands for love and romance. Always remember that, flowers itself are the most beautiful things in the nature that can bring joy in heart. So as a florist, your duty should be adding more artistic flair to those beautiful creations. The basic elements of a floral design are line, form, texture and color. Arrangements for all the occasions are designed according to these fundamental things. It is a world of color and harmony where designed floral decorations can touch the people’s lives. Giving flowers are always a mean to show your care and attention towards the loved ones. So be the part of an exciting career and fill your life with sweet fragrance of flowers.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Career Aspects of Graphic Designer - Make it look better, Beautiful, Graphic Designing can be an Exciting Career Option

A graphic designer’s work can be seen everywhere. From the signs and symbols we see in public places like railroad stations, airport terminals, bus stops etc. to various websites which we encounter in the internet and also various advertisements both in print and electronic form all have an element of graphic design embedded in them. A graphic designer thus serves as an interface for various public communication needs and the general public, who should be able to understand, appreciate and comprehend the designs which are basically intended for them. 

Career Aspects of Graphic Designer
Thus, a graphic designer should be very adept in communication skills, seeking to constantly interpret the economic, social and cultural aspects of design that one has in mind and able to convey the same to the client so that the communication between them gets effective and the client gets what he or she wants from the graphic designer. Thus, understanding the perspective of others is very important for a graphic designer since they work for the public at large, constantly interpreting their own ideas and how will the public perceive those ideas.
A graphic designer or for that matter any creative artist has to constantly live in the shadow of a conflict between creativity and public utility. An artist may create a masterpiece and when he or she views the work created by the ones own perspective and it may feel like the best work an artist has achieved. But it may not be the same way how other artists and public in general might feel for that particular work. Also general public wants to see something that is unique, appeals to their taste and is something they can relate with. All these are very tough conditions to fulfill and an artist may not always be able to meet all these expectations.

Same is the case with the graphic designers since they are also artists who have to convey their ideas to public and are constantly nervous about how public would receive their piece of work. Hence, it becomes imperative that the graphic designer understand the nerve of the public at large, their hopes and expectations, their fears and aspirations, what they love and what they hate. It is not always possible to make everyone happy, but the graphic designer has to create such kind of work which is always appealing both to the masses and critics and most important of all, serves a definite purpose and is of aesthetical value to everyone.

Besides being creative, graphic designers have also to be adept in the technical side of their work. Since the information technology revolution is sweeping the entire world and how we conduct our businesses and work, the profession of graphic design and not remained immune to this phenomenon. Thus, instead of ink and sheets of paper, graphic designers have now to turn to their computer screens and various software in order to create their work. This has offered variety in their work but also has increased the competition. This has opened a wide range of opportunity to them and this wave of new media has brought design sense more closer to the public.

Thus, the role of a graphic designer is multifaceted which should be both technical and creative, appealing to the masses and yet individualized in style and nature.