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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Toy Design - Toy with the Creative Ideas, Toy Design As a Career Option

Toy design
Paper planes, spinning tops, little toy soldiers and dolls are part of children's lives everywhere around the world. From board games to radio controlled cars we have played all kinds of toys when we were growing up.

You named your favorite doll when you were four and still use that name as your password. You moved three times and yet managed not to lose your collection of miniature tanks and little toy animals that you liked since you were a kid. 

You love toys. Now get ready to make some of your own. You will need some background in mathematics, physics and computer graphics. Besides all the basics in sciences, you'll need creativity, visualization and a good understanding of what kind of toys would be fun to play with. You are entering a field about making toys which children enjoy and have fun with. However, you are entering a field where fierce competition exists. To prepare for a career in toy designing you have many options. You could choose from several options from associates degree to a bachelor's degree in fine arts. The courses vary in duration at colleges and universities across the nation. You will be taking classes in drawing, model making, games and game theory, 2d and 3d visualization, mathematics, and toy packaging design. You'll also learn about laws and regulations related to safety when designing toys and games for children.

Where will you work? Mostly in large companies which design and sell toys. You will need a portfolio of prototypes, videos and animations showcasing your designed products and your talent. At your job you'll most likely work in teams to take a toy design from concept to a complete product. You'll be involved in different stages like toy design, marketing and manufacturing processes of toys, intended audience research etc. You'll be working towards creating a cost effective, well designed toy that children will want around the nation. Due to the nature of the business professionals in this field have fun and literally play at work, however, at times you'll be working very hard and your company is not seeing good results in sales and profit. Diligence, hard work and patience infused with creativity and thinking out of the box will bring in success and handsome rewards.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Advertising and Design - Online Design Schools,Online Courses,Online Programs,Online Advertising

OVERVIEW : Advertising is a form of mass communication aimed at brand building that combines visual and audio medium to fetch attraction from public. Advertising is intended to influence and persuade general public to initiate the action which benefits the company. It involves creation of any artwork and presented through several mediums like newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor and world wide web. If you are highly creative with the ability to think out of the box then advertising career can promise huge monetary rewards for you.
Advertising and Design
JOB DESCRIPTION : Degree in advertising along with a high talent to express creative ideas will open up several job roles for the professionals. Some of the common career roles include graphic designers, illustrators, copy writers, art directors etc. Most of the advertising professionals mainly work with the marketing and public relations departments of business organizations.Designing an advertising campaign could be an extremely creative step because it attempts to generate attention of a target market. 
Designing the campaign would be the first start by identifying the potential customers and choosing an appropriate form of media. Graphic designers use computer software and other applications to design the advertisements. Applying unique themes, selection of fonts etc are decided and developed by the designers. Selection of media would be decided based on the market strategies and considering the ease in accessibility of targeted marketed by clients. Developing a unique slogan or image will brings strong attention from the public and provides a correlation between the brand and public. Copywriters will be responsible for creating such caption texts and slogans that will be used in the advertisements.
JOB OUTLOOK : Advertising career offers lucrative job options which assume greater significance in today's knowledge based world. It guarantees an enduring career as far as new products and services are launched into the market. New products essentially need more marketing efforts which means more advertising campaigns. Thus advertising is a dynamic field offering career opportunities across the globe. Increasing use of internet and electronic publication will create new job spaces for the advertising and design professionals.
DEGREES OFFERED : -  Diploma  -  Associate's   - Bachelor's  -  Master's  -  Certificate
EXPECTED JOB GROWTH :According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities of graphic designers are expected to increase by 13 percent and that of art directors by nine percent during 2010-20. 
     -Graphic designers          - Art directors
                - Bachelor' Degree            - Bachelor' Degree
MAW(2010)   -
$43,500                         - $80,630
EOL (10%)     - $26,200                         - $42,840
EOH (10%)    - $76,910                         - $163,430

ELE-Entry Level Education 
EOL-Earning of Lowest 
MAW- Medain Annual Wage
EOH-Earning of Highest

Monday, June 18, 2012

Furniture Design - Make it For a Better Living...Furniture Designing as a Livelihood Earning Option

In the modern world, every person wants to live the life according to the latest trend setting fashions and technologies. Even the living and official spaces are getting a modern look with the interior designs. Inevitable role of furniture in making a perfect architectural arrangement is well known. Furnishing the room is something more than positioning the tables and chairs. It is a creative combination of architecture and design with the human emotions. A classic piece of furniture is a key element that provides aesthetic appeal to a room.
Furniture Design
Surveys and researches have proved that the working environments have a great influence in the employee performance. Official spaces must be comfortable and convenient for the people so that they can work with a motivated mentality. When it comes to official or home spaces, then furnishing is also of a thing of matter to consider. One of the most challenging tasks faced by the furniture and interior designers is the rapidly advancing technology. Even though technological trends revolutionized the world and made lives easier, they bought some changes in the corporate spaces. When big bundles of files were replaced with high memory hard disks of computer, it necessitated the need of re furnishing. If it is about home, then kitchen spaces demanded new furnishing ideas that offer large space and flexibility. New technological inventions needed to be shelved that increases the rate of home or office remodeling projects. So to adapt with the modern environment, unique furniture designs were introduced.

Tremendous changes were incorporated in the old fashioned furniture pieces to transform it into an exquisite framework. Some of the designer pioneers broke the boundaries of designing with their innovative ideas. Definitions of furniture designs have been changing from that time. It was no longer limited to the wooden pieces. Glass, stone, plastic and even different metals became the raw material for the popular furniture pieces. Since the corporate world is focusing on ‘green’ projects, that means environment friendly initiatives, furniture were given a natural shape and texture. This made the designers to come up with new ideas that are eco friendly and can offer high quality. If you are interested to get involved in this designing industry, where fashion and architecture meets together, enrolling in a furniture design program will be a right option.

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