Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Floral Design - Make the world more Beautiful with Flowers

A lovely bride will look totally incomplete without a beautiful wedding bouquet. A romantic proposal will be imperfect without a beautiful red rose. Flowers carry the lovely emotions of a Valentine’s Day and on the other hand they can convey the sympathy for the departed of loved one. Flowers are so close to human heart and feelings. According to recent study conducted on behavioral research by the Strathclyde University in Scotland, it was proved that flowers are a natural and healthy moderator of human moods. They can bring out the positive emotional feelings of human mind even in the highly depressed situations.
Floral Design
Nature is the most beautiful artwork in the earth with its highly aesthetic appeal and elegance added by the colorful flowers. If you have a great passion for flowers, then floral designing may be a right career option for you. Academic curriculum of floral design mainly focuses on the diverse aspects of floriculture and horticulture. Live, dried and artificial flowers are used for creating the floral accessories such as bouquet, vase, corsage, wreath etc. Most of the floral designers work with the event planners of wedding, parties etc. and also with the interior designers. Since each occasion need different floral arrangement, floral designers have to come up with new ideas that grab the hearts of people.
Color combinations used in the floral designs always hold great importance because human beings respond to color in different ways. So selection of the right flower is an important matter to consider. Even the colors of flowers represent several feelings just like the way a red rose stands for love and romance. Always remember that, flowers itself are the most beautiful things in the nature that can bring joy in heart. So as a florist, your duty should be adding more artistic flair to those beautiful creations. The basic elements of a floral design are line, form, texture and color. Arrangements for all the occasions are designed according to these fundamental things. It is a world of color and harmony where designed floral decorations can touch the people’s lives. Giving flowers are always a mean to show your care and attention towards the loved ones. So be the part of an exciting career and fill your life with sweet fragrance of flowers.

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