Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Art direction - Commercial art, Graphic designing, Animation,Web designing,Copy writers,Iillustrators

Art direction
World of arts is ruled by the creative artists and their beautiful master pieces that can inculcate the sense of euphoria and accomplishment in people. With the commercialization of arts, several lucrative career options opened up their avenues for the talented artists. Commercial art is an emerging art form that constitutes sculptures, paintings, designing, photography, etc.  In addition to that, technological advancements in the world of art gave a new dimension to the artistic works.

Graphic designing, animation, web designing, copy writers, illustrators and many more career roles emerged in diverse fields. Each professional will work for contributing their artistic piece of work towards the final goal of the assigned project. But who will be responsible to add up those efforts and combine it into the final product? Here comes the role of art directors.

Art directors’ acts as the master brain behind the overall artistic style and visual images created in each project. Whether it is advertising field or a film production unit, art directors are responsible for developing conceptual ideas and implementing them into the final goal. They have to combine both the aspects of arts and design to develop a complete visual appearance through a brainstorming process. With the increasing use of internet and electronic publications, demand for art directors to supervise the overall processes is also high. They are responsible for creating clarity for the artwork.

Art direction is neither a child’s play nor a simple supervision of designers and artists of an organization. Overall design layout is prepared by them after a detailed discussion with the clients. After delegating different tasks to the designers and other artists, they hold the responsibility of approving a design or work prepared by them. Working with each artist in the team, they provide motivational support to bring out their best talent in the production process. Whatever the artistry it may be, if it fails to create an appealing effect on the public, then the work is of little use. 

Unique and innovative ideas are put into action to establish a connection with the masses. They have to keep the bird’s eye view in transforming their ideas into catchy taglines and graphics. So if you have a mind inclined towards arts and great leadership skills, then art direction will be a right career option for you.

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