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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Health Sciences - Applications of Nanotechnology in Health Sciences

Health sciences 
Nanotechnology is the science of the small, although the subject area is not small but too vast and interesting. Nanotechnology deals with small, very small structures, usually less than 100 nanometers in diameter. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. Materials of this size have some unique properties that can be explored for many applications, such as nanomedicine.

Nanomedicine is one of the emerging sectors under nanotechnology. By using nanomedicine, it would become possible to repair damaged human tissues, say the scientists working on this specialized technology. It would also be possible to grow human tissues using nanomedicine. This implies that it would be possible to grow a new liver or a new heart or any other organ and replace the damaged organ, they claim following extensive research work done in this field. This is also an application of the stem cells. nanomedicine has implications in curing diseases like AIDS, alzheimer's, cardiovascular diseases etc.

The idea on which the nanomedicine works is that it creates nano bots (extremely small vehicles used for carrying treatment) which can be injected in the human body. After being injected, these nano bots go to the affected cancerous tissue and give out specific small bouts of radiation to those tissues which could avoid the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Neuroscientists are developing nano-particles to cross the blood-brain barrier which has potential in treating brain tumors in the near future. NASA is also doing substantial research on nanomedicine and its application in space medicine. When a cell is damaged by radiation, it exhibits different proteins on its surface. The nano bots would be able to detect such proteins and repair the cell possibly by giving it antioxidants. These type of various applications and ongoing research work show that the area of nanotechnology is very vast and emerging steadily.

Thus, nanomedicine has all the potentials to revolutionize the world of medicine. It would be possible to cure presently incurable diseases and help in preventive medicine as well, believe the scientists. Nanomedicine as it is being portrayed would definitely help in increasing life spans of human beings, promoting healthier lives and enriching the world through health and vitality. 

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Health Care and Medical Services - Choose a Lucrative Field in the Healthcare Industry

Health care & Medical services 
Choosing a right career path is an important step in one's life. So it is very necessary to think not only twice but also many times before you choose major. According to the U.S Department of Labor most of the high paying jobs were in medical field. Covering all the areas of medical and science field which is dedicated to the needs of public life have a vast variety of specializations and supporting vocations. World population is increasing tremendously and also the emerging diseases and health issues. Every individual wants to live healthy and so that only the accesses to health care have increased which always maintain the field high in demand. Some of the most lucrative options observed in recent times have been mentioned as follows. Surgeons have been paid highest amount $181,850 and rank first among the top paid jobs in United States. The other professions such as anesthesiologist are earning $174,610, Orthodontist earns $153,380 and psychiatrists are paid an amount of $151,380.Even the general practitioners and physicians earns an amount of $137,100. 

A career in the medical field gives you self satisfaction and exciting opportunities to serve the health of the public. The extensive field of health care ranging from diagnostic services to surgery, nursing care and numerous other services requires strong sense of ethics and empathy. Specific knowledge with great attention to the details is important for the medical professionals. Some of the options that you can choose in the health services apart from joining a medical school include addiction worker, clinical medical assistant , laboratory technician, nutritionist, x-ray technician etc. Enrolling into a medical school requires four year degree from an accredited university with very specific knowledge preferably in biology or other sciences along with a score in MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).

The academic program along with the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge helps students in their research and service and is dedicated to a lifelong learning and sustained commitment to human service. The recent trend of online education has also hit the health care field and thereby making the galaxy of opportunities more accessible. As the field is full of research and development a medical professional should always stay up to date in their knowledge with great communication and problem solving skills.

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