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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wine Studies

OVERVIEW : Wine studies are related to bartenders who work in bars providing alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages to the people. They also serve wine to various customers during the bar hours. Most of the bars are known for their music and for some, even dance performances by external groups or even their customers.

JOB DESCRIPTION : The duties of bartenders are greeting people by giving them drink, noting down orders from them, serving those drinks, keeping the bars clean, maintaining bar supplies and cash handling. In places where a high number of people turn up daily, a mechanized process is mostly adopted when it comes to measure the quantity of alcoholic drinks to be served.


JOB OUTLOOK : According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, due to increase in number of bars, the demand for bartenders has also gone steep high in recent times. So considering the recent reports of the Bureau, it seems that the job opportunities are good for aspiring bartenders.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Complete Wine Course

Wine studies is related to bartenders who work in bars providing alcoholic and also at times non-alcoholic beverages to the people and also serving wine to various customers during the bar hours.

This profession also involves a very disciplined approach for the aspiring candidate as the profession gives one a lot of free-hand in handling alcohol and people, some of whom at times may even lose their senses being intoxicated.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Wine Studies - An intoxicating profession, get addicted to wine biz as a career

In our day-to-day life, entry of new products always replace the old ones. However, you might have heard the phrase ‘old is gold’. There is one product that gets more and more sweeter with its passing ages, and that is none other than wine. History of wine production dates back to thousands of years, where it was produced by fermenting grapes. According to the research works conducted by the archaeological departments, it was discovered that wine was produced in Georgia 8000 years ago. 
Wine studies
Wine can be considered as the most complex alcoholic beverage in the world that can be made from different grape varieties. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2011 trends survey, the hottest alcoholic beverage trend was locally produced wine and beer. It clearly depicts that wine has just surpassed other liquor choices as the most popular alcoholic beverage. According to the report stated by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), U.S holds fourth position in the top list of wine producing countries with a production of 2,211,300 tonnes. There are some important factors related with wines.

Vintage :
Vintage mentioned in wines clearly indicate the year in which the grapes are harvested. Those grapes will be grown and harvested from a vineyard or district during one single season.

Terroir : This French term means ‘land or earth’. The influence of geographical, geological and climatic factors of a place on the wine production is indicated here.
Appellation : It’s just like a label name that helps to identify the designated wine growing area. Best appellations of US are in California, Oregon and Washington State.
Grape variety : Different types of wines are produced from various grape varieties. It is their chemical composition that help in producing different varieties of wines.

According to a report published by the Silicon Valley bank on wine industry, the country’s wine consumption alone is projected to increase by nine percent to $23.8 billion by 2014. It means better career opportunities in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Pursuing a major in wine studies can open up job avenues in different culinary areas. The academic curriculum mainly covers topics such as traditional wine tasting methods, food and wine pairing, types of wine products and many more. So chose your culinary college now and learn to produce the most aromatic and delicious wines.

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