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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Music, Audio, Sound, and Instruments

Ever wondered about the creative geniuses who produce such melodious tunes and entertain us with their pleasing voice? Yes, you got it right, they are the musicians and singers, who undergo years of training and then give us the gift of their talent in music and singing. 

Most of the musicians play in groups, bands or in an orchestra. Musicians in bands may play their music in parties, weddings, clubs or bars till they get a big break and sign a contract with a recording studio to get their music in the music market.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cyber Security - Online Degree,Online Jobs, Career in Cyber Security, Security Schools,Cyber Security Jobs

OVERVIEW :  Cyber security professionals secure the computer systems of the corporations or the government agencies they are working for and prevent any information theft and leaks. Thus cyber security professionals work with companies to build secure information systems. Their job involves questioning managers and staff about their current security methods and then their priority becomes to find out what all are the information company wants to protect.

Cyber security professionals also on the basis of their questioning and research, decide on the privileges that are given to the staff on their work stations and what information they can access and whether they can access the internet or download programs or not. Cyber security experts use their findings to plan the security system.   

SALARY : Computer forensics specialists can expect to earn a salary of around $46,500 for entry level positions as per various industry sources.
JOB DESCRIPTION : Cyber security professionals are responsible for protecting the data security of the company or government agency they are working for and protect the computer information systems and computer networks from cyber attacks and also any kind of information leaks and thefts. With the instances of cyber crime growing large in the corporate world, cyber security is now one of the extremely important priorities for the corporate world as well numerous government agencies.

JOB OUTLOOK :  Job outlook for cyber security professionals apparently looks good and it is a fast growing field since there is a tremendous growth of internet, computer networking and related information systems. Due to this and also as a result of increasing instances of hacking and cyber crime, the demand for cyber security professionals is expected to be higher.

Expected Job Growth: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, employment of information security analysts projected to grow 22 percent and that of of private detectives and investigators including computer forensic investigators is expected to grow 21 percent from 2010 to 2020.

DEGREES OFFERED : Associate Degrees   Bachelor Degrees   Master Degrees

                         Doctorate Programs    PhD Programs    Certificate


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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aviation quality control - Aviation Programs,Aviation Schools,Online Degree,Online Jobs

On 12 August 1985, 520 passengers were killed when a Japan Air Lines Boeing 747 crashed near Mount Fuji after takeoff from Tokyo on a domestic flight. The rupture of an aft bulkhead, which had undergone faulty repairs following a mishap seven years earlier, caused the destruction of part of the airplane’s tail and rendered the jet uncontrollable.
Aviation quality control
A JAL maintenance supervisor later committed suicide, while the president of the airline resigned, accepting full responsibility for the crash - Main cause: Negligent maintenance. Scary, isn’t it. But today, of the thousands of flights that take off and land every day, the above listed incident doesn’t happen. Here begins the role of the good old aviation quality control engineers. They help in maintaining the quality control in the design, manufacture and maintenance of an aircraft and ensure that all the parts and each and every system of the aircraft are functioning properly. This not only ensures a safe flying machine in the sky but also ensures us that we are safe flying in an aircraft while the aviation quality control engineers are present. Each and every part which is fitted on an airplane goes through stringent quality control measures. Defects are not tolerated and only one hundred percent quality checked parts are fitted in the aircraft. 

Similarly, in the day to day maintenance of the air plane, quality control is absolutely essential and ensures that each and every part of the aircraft is working properly before the air plane can fly again. Thus, systems like landing gears, hydraulics of an air plane, avionics and mechanical systems of the air craft are checked thoroughly before the air craft is allowed to take off. This ensures the safety of the crew as well as passengers and helps to avoid air disasters

The federal aviation authority has got many rules and regulations which are bound to be followed by all the airlines operating passenger and cargo aircraft and also military aircraft so that there is no problem mid air when the air craft is in operation and an air disaster does not occur due to the faulty maintenance of the air craft. Thus, the role of aviation quality control is very important in striving for safe sky and preventing tragic air crashes. For more information on aviation quality control, please visit

Monday, July 9, 2012

Agricultural Engineering - Career in Engineering, Online Jobs, Environmental Engineering, Agricultural Machinery

OVERVIEW : Agricultural engineers are involved in maintaining the food supply of our nation by devising ways to boost agricultural production, sustainable agricultural methods, mechanized farming techniques, control pests and weeds in a more safe and effective manner, and by conserving soil and water. They are involved in the studies of various crops and farm animals and develop ways of improving their quality and quantity. Some agricultural engineers may also conduct research in converting agricultural products and wastes into fuels. They may also design various types of agricultural machinery, equipments, sensors, processes, and structures, such as those used for crop storage. They may also undertake research in improving crop yields and increasing the productivity and nutritive value of soil.
Agricultural Engineering
JOB DESCRIPTION : Agricultural engineers devise ways and means to increase the productivity of our food crops and help to increase the productivity of the soil by increasing its nutrient content and by efficient and environmental friendly control of pests and weeds that hinder agricultural production. Some agricultural engineers specialize in areas such as power systems and machinery design, structural and environmental engineering, and food and bioprocess engineering. There are rapid technological developments in the field of agricultural engineering and science which have opened new and exciting avenues for work and research. These areas include the area of genetics and specifically biotechnology. In this area, agricultural engineers/scientists alter the genes of various crops making them more productive and resistant to disease. Some of agricultural engineers are working with chemists and biologists to produce alternative fuels from agricultural products, such as ethanol from corn.

JOB OUTLOOK :  Agricultural engineers are going to be in demand due to the increasing food security needs and a growing population. A bachelor's degree may be required for an entry level job but for jobs in various research positions, a masters or PhD in the subject may be required.

DEGREES OFFERED Associates  - Bachelors   - Masters    - Doctorate/PhD   - Certificate

Type of Industry                                                                              Salary
                 Architectural, engineering, and related services                                $78,940
                 Food manufacturing                                                                         $77,670
                 Federal government, excluding postal service                                    $74,770

Agriculture, construction, and mining machinery manufacturing          $63,310

Educational services; state, local, and private                                   $52,450

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, agricultural engineers are expected to have employment growth of nine percent from 2010 to 2020, slower than average for all occupations. Employment growth should result from the need to increase crop yields to feed an expanding population and to produce crops used as renewable energy sources. Moreover, engineers will be needed to develop more efficient agricultural production and to conserve resources. In addition, engineers will be needed to meet the increasing demand for biosensors, used to determine the optimal treatment of crops. The median salary of an agricultural engineer during May 2010 was $71,090.

Engineering - Engineering School,Engineering Jobs, Career in Engineering, Online Degree

Engineers are those people who make the world a better place to live with their creativity and innovations. The scientific concepts and the mathematical calculations meet together in the discipline of engineering. The vast field with broad varied places of expertise allows the professionals to discover career options in diverse areas. Main branches in this sector are chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical which is again broken down into other specialized categories. Tremendous developments in technologies are attracting so many students to this competitive industry, where there is no shortage for choices. Deep knowledge with better problem solving skills is required for the individuals in designing and developing the key concepts.
ELIGIBILITY : To start a career as engineer, one should have completed the bachelor’s level engineering program accredited by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). There are several eligibility circumstances to get signed up into those programs and high school diploma or GED is an important one among that. Qualifying scores in some admission tests such as SAT, ACT etc are necessary for some colleges/universities. 

 JOB PROSPECTS : The engineering area offer jobs in enormous array of industries. Many experts perform long-term research and development designs even in the recessions and struggling economy. They work in diverse fields such as civil, chemical, biological, electrical, mechanical, computer, aeronautical, etc. Compared with all the other college graduates, fresh engineer grads earn the highest starting salary both in public and private sector. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job perspective of this profession is excellent as its progression is fast and the opportunities are expected to be good with 11 percent growth over 2008-18 decade. Even the prospectus varies by the specialties it remains as a fulfilling and lucrative career option.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Professional Flight - Being a Helicopter and Professional Flight Pilot, Military Service

Fly high....being a helicopter and professional flight pilot
Who wouldn’t want to soar up in the sky in a chopper and carry passengers or cargo to various places and enjoy the thrill of flying a monster machine in the sky? This is exactly what the helicopter pilots do. They do so in a variety of roles and offer us many services consequently. They work in the field of oil exploration and help find oil reserves in land or in the deep seas. They also help in transporting equipment and manpower to and fro from the oil rigs in the deep seas.
Professional Flight
The helicopter and professional flight pilots help in the operation of the chartered flights by transporting business honchos from corner of the country to another in the shortest possible time span so that they can strike their business deals in no time. Helicopter pilots also help in the cause of environment by help managing and dousing forest fires by sprinkling huge quantities of water from the sky. These set of professionals also help in farming better by spaying insecticides and fertilizers from the air over the farms to bolster the agricultural production. One other area in which helicopter pilots work is in the area of news gathering. They help news correspondents reach the scene of action where the news is breaking in the shortest possible time so that we can get the real time news which is happening even at far flung places.

We also get our weather forecasts and news about impending hurricanes and tornadoes through the helicopter pilots. Looking on the more pleasant side, helicopter pilots also transfer us to various tourist places which are located in areas with little or no connectivity. In the case of military services, helicopter pilots perform a variety of roles and missions. They help carrying the infantry and supplies to various areas where the military is operating and also lend support in the ground operations. In case of emergencies, they also air lift the injured soldiers from the place of action to various hospitals thus saving valuable lives. Even when disaster strikes a place and there is a huge earthquake or flood, the helicopter pilots serve to take doctors and medical professionals to the affected area also bring the supplies of food and medical supplies to the affected areas. They also rescue people who are in danger. Thus, helicopter pilots play vital role to serve us in different areas and also help in disaster management, environment protection and performing emergency services.

Imagine yourself performing such diverse roles from serving the oil rigs to helping the agricultural production. Yes, these all jobs are performed by the helicopter pilots and they thus serve the humanity by saving lives and by providing medicines and food to the disaster struck areas. It is due to the efforts of such brave helicopter pilots that we get to rest safe in our homes while they are soaring up in the sky gathering news, weather data or transporting people or cargo.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Avionics - Military Aircrafts, Online Schools,Fighter Jets, Online Programs

Fly high with avionics...a smart career choice in the aviation sector
Avionics are the electronic systems included on an aircraft, artificial satellites and spacecraft. Avionics is the amalgamation of the words aviation electronics. Avionics include the communication systems, navigation systems, the display and management of multiple systems and the hundreds of systems that are fitted on an aircraft to perform a specific function. These functions can be as simple as a searchlight for a police helicopter or the tactical systems of an early airborne warning platform. 
Avionics has implications in both civilian and military aircraft since avionics has got different roles to play in different capacities. In case of civilian airplanes, avionics is used by the aircrafts to fly safely in the busy airspace and as the air traffic is increasing, consequently the avionics for getting the air planes flying safe in the sky is also getting complex. In military aircrafts and fighter jets, avionics is used in the radar technology to counter the enemy aircraft and to foresee the number and type of enemy aircrafts coming. Avionics is also used in the missile technology guidance and control systems so that they hit right on target with pinpoint accuracy.

The cockpit of an aircraft is the typical place where avionics equipment is located including control, monitoring, navigation, weather and anti-collision systems. Different avionics equipment in both civilian and military aircraft guide the airplane or the fighter jet in navigation through the sky, the command and control systems of the missiles, the radar technology and the sonar technology, all are dependent on the avionics of the aircraft to make them functional. Thus, avionics constitute a major part of the expense in building an airplane and most of the systems of the airplane are dependent on the avionics for them to function properly.

Avionics mainly deals where ever the electronics in aircrafts are concerned and should detect and develop solutions for the complex electronic problems. The diverse career opportunities include avionics technician, aerospace engineer and electrical engineer also assures applications outside the aerospace industry. The job responsibilities of an avionics technician include operating ground support and interpreting the test data to diagnose malfunctions and systematic performance problems. The electrical and electronic units, assemblies and systems in aircraft are installed and the components are assembled to perform functional flight tests. Collision avoidance system is the most recent innovation in the aviation field by which the nearby planes can be detected. Avionic technicians and engineers have to work with the computerized controls and other tools such as radio systems, magnetos and in-flight refueling systems.

Thus, avionics is an interesting and very important part of any flying machine and has diverse career opportunities. Making one’s career in the avionics field would make one’s aspirations sore in the sky and fly high with all the opportunities abound.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wind turbine technology - Career Choice in Wine Turbine Technology,Online Jobs,Global Warming,Environmental Degradation

Contribute to a greater cause...wind turbine technician as a career choice 

With the rising awareness about environment and its protection, the trend of green jobs is picking up in the market. Green jobs are such kind of jobs that are associated in some way or the other with an alternate lifestyle, associated with environment protection like alternate sources of energy which use fewer natural resources and lessen our carbon footprint. Going green is making economic sense nowadays. Not only there are plethoras of jobs available in this segment, the pay is generally good and it gives a satisfaction to us that we are doing our bit to protect and preserve the environment. One of such green jobs is being a wind turbine technician.

Wind turbine technology
We use electricity to power our cities and lives. This electricity mainly comes from the non renewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are limited, their use creates problems such as global warming and climate change and also they cause various other environmental problems. In order to lessen the load on the mother earth and to save the planet from environmental degradation the use of such fossil fuels should be minimized at the least. One way of doing this is to encourage the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy and wind energy. Wind energy is clean and it is unlimited. It doesn’t create any burden on the environment and it is safe.

Wind turbines are used to produce wind energy. Wind creates pressure on the rotor blades of the wind turbine which in turn are connected to a generator which causes the blades to move. This generates electricity. Wind turbine technicians are required to service the machinery and the parts of the turbine so that they are always in top condition. Wind turbine technicians perform scheduled preventive maintenance on wind turbines adhering to various safety precautions. The maintenance tasks that wind turbine technicians are supposed to do are replacing oil filters and greasing bearings.They are also responsible for housekeeping at wind turbine facilities. Since they are working at considerable heights, wind turbine technicians have to take lots of safety precautions.

Wind turbine technicians are well paid. According to various industry sources, the annual income of a wind turbine technician was between $65,000 to $78,000. What more can one ask for if one gets the job satisfaction of working towards a greener environment and also get paid well in the deal. Wind turbine technicians jobs fall in such a category.

Claim Adjusters - Fair Adjustment,Online Programs,Online Courses,Find Jobs

Striking a balance and finding the fact, key factors in the profession of claim adjustors
Claim adjustors have an interesting job and also a job that is quite demanding and stressful at times. They process and handle claims of people who have put up a loss before the insurance company regarding their assets and possessions. This is an important way to serve people who have lost their entire way of living due to the natural disasters like hurricanes and floods
claim adjustors
Claim adjustors help such kind of people to get a fair adjustment of their claims so that they can have the financial resources to start a new life and rebuild their lives. Claim adjustors also have to entertain and process claims like that of car accidents. They have to determine what was the cause of the accident, who was to be blamed and what amount should be disbursed as reimbursement money. This job can be quite entertaining too and it develops one’s sense of humor when one witnesses the absurd claims that people sometimes make as the cause of their accident.

One needs to be alert while processing claims. You tend to lose on both the sides if you don’t perform your job properly. If on one hand, you pass a claim amount that is on the higher side the insurance company will not like it and may cut the extra amount from your salary. On the other hand, if you process a claim which is way below the average claimed amount, you are sure the face the ire of the claimant. Hence you have to be very meticulous in your work and have to ensure that the work you do is in the interests of both of parties, of the insurance company in which you work and in the interest of the claimant too, whose claims you process. You have hone your investigative skills and carry out investigations like what caused the car accident, whose fault it was and in this process you may have to compete with the rival insurance firms claim adjustors who may try to present a completely different picture contrary to what you have analyzed and affirmed during your investigations.

You may also need to travel to the place of the accident or at the place where wide spread disaster has struck. Thus you need to be mobile and also you need to possess a laptop computer so that you can record your observations on the site. You can choose an online or a campus based college for studies in order to be a claims adjustor. Forget the dry insurance policies knowledge and the common sense; you would also require soft skills such as communication skills and networking skills in order to be successful in your chosen profession. Most of the time, you would be working on your own, thus being your own boss. It is you who would decide how many claims you would process in a day and how much settlement would you perform in a given time frame. There is no external pressure and your performance is dependent only on your working style.

Thus, being a claims adjustor is not only about making big bucks and earning a comfortable living. It is about helping people to rebuild their lives after a disaster has struck and making them back on their feet in the form of financial compensation they receive. Thus you can choose this lucrative career and be ready and capable to fulfill your dreams and all your aspirations.

Wine Studies - An intoxicating profession, get addicted to wine biz as a career

In our day-to-day life, entry of new products always replace the old ones. However, you might have heard the phrase ‘old is gold’. There is one product that gets more and more sweeter with its passing ages, and that is none other than wine. History of wine production dates back to thousands of years, where it was produced by fermenting grapes. According to the research works conducted by the archaeological departments, it was discovered that wine was produced in Georgia 8000 years ago. 
Wine studies
Wine can be considered as the most complex alcoholic beverage in the world that can be made from different grape varieties. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2011 trends survey, the hottest alcoholic beverage trend was locally produced wine and beer. It clearly depicts that wine has just surpassed other liquor choices as the most popular alcoholic beverage. According to the report stated by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), U.S holds fourth position in the top list of wine producing countries with a production of 2,211,300 tonnes. There are some important factors related with wines.

Vintage :
Vintage mentioned in wines clearly indicate the year in which the grapes are harvested. Those grapes will be grown and harvested from a vineyard or district during one single season.

Terroir : This French term means ‘land or earth’. The influence of geographical, geological and climatic factors of a place on the wine production is indicated here.
Appellation : It’s just like a label name that helps to identify the designated wine growing area. Best appellations of US are in California, Oregon and Washington State.
Grape variety : Different types of wines are produced from various grape varieties. It is their chemical composition that help in producing different varieties of wines.

According to a report published by the Silicon Valley bank on wine industry, the country’s wine consumption alone is projected to increase by nine percent to $23.8 billion by 2014. It means better career opportunities in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Pursuing a major in wine studies can open up job avenues in different culinary areas. The academic curriculum mainly covers topics such as traditional wine tasting methods, food and wine pairing, types of wine products and many more. So chose your culinary college now and learn to produce the most aromatic and delicious wines.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Exploring Forensic Science Degree Programs

Thanks to the television, especially the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) series on one of the popular channels, forensic science has become a household word and these days even commoners are aware of it. Here we make an attempt to explore this career in detail so that we understand what this career is all about. Crime scene investigators or forensic experts are involved in the collection, identification, classification and analysis of physical evidence to help solve complex crime incidents. Thus CSI is used to nail the guilty or prove the innocence of falsely accused. A job in CSI also involves testing weapons, clothing, fibers, hair and tissue for criminal evidence. These professionals also may offer their expertise in ballistics, fingerprinting or handwriting analyses.

A crime scene investigator has to perform many roles and duties. These include securing the crime scene and taking detailed measurements. They have to sketch and diagram the scene and also take photographs from various angles of the crime scene so that all the evidence is photographically documented. Crime scene investigators also have to document all the evidence taken from the crime scene comprising of location, nature, type of crime, etc. They also have to package and label evidence for transfer to the lab. Crime scene investigators also have to attend and photograph autopsies. They also write a report detailing evidence collection procedures and their conclusions thereof. Crime scene investigators have also to testify to their findings in court.

Exploring Forensic Science
Crime scene investigators are law enforcement professionals who work in tandem with police or detectives of various agencies to process and document evidence that is found at the scene of crime. They might also work in a lab to analyze and process the collected evidence. Processing a crime scene is meticulous work that may take several hours and crime scene investigators must pay attention to every minute detail to avoid overlooking critical evidence. Before the crime scene can be examined, it has to be cordoned off and secured to prevent tampering and contamination. The entire scene and the evidence collected is photographed.

Crime scene investigators have to follow strict protocols for collecting trace evidence such as hair, glass, fiber, paint or dirt in order to maintain the integrity of the chain of evidence. Crime scene investigators must be able to work under conditions that are both physically and emotionally exhausting. They have to be present at the crime scene until all the evidence has been collected and photographed and this can mean working long hours. Their working conditions vary according to the crime committed and have to work indoors and outdoors as well. Crime scene investigators must have good communication skills since they have to testify in the court and convey information and their findings to attorneys and others involved in the case. Hence, crime scene investigators are an important link in the law enforcement chain that helps to solve crime.

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