Saturday, September 22, 2012

Automobile Design

Ideas for the wheels...automobile designing, an exciting career choice

Automobile design is the design of the cars, taking into consideration factors like their shape, color, interior and exterior design, functionality and ergonomics to some extent. In order for a car to do well in the market, in addition to its performance and efficiency, the way the car has been designed also plays a very important role. Hence, automobile designers play an important role in the development process of any car and design the automobile in such a manner that it catches the eye of the public. During the design development process of any car, first the automobile designers make sketches on paper so that the initial idea is conceived. 

 Automobile Design
Then discussions are carried out by the designers and engineers so that the best design is chosen and after the initial design has been finalized a computer model of the same design is prepared. Also, scaled clay models of the car are prepared so that designers get a true picture of the design which is shaping up. Based on this scaled model further changes are suggested so that the design gets fine tuned and the glitches, if any, are removed.

Automobile designers work with professionals of various departments such as engineering, marketing, sales etc. to ensure that the final product matches the expectations of the public and sells well. Designers have to be conversant with computer aided design software such as Autocad, PRO-E, Solidworks etc. to create three dimensional design models. Before preparing three dimensional models, designers prepare two dimensional sketches by hand to get the initial look and feel of the car design. 

Thus, automobile designers are to cars what architects are to buildings. They conceive the design and have proficiency in both creative and technical aspects of car manufacture so that the consumers get the best and the trendiest product in the market. The design of a car is the most important feature and it is due to that the car sells in the market. Automobile engineers are the ones who conceive the car design which makes it sell in the market ultimately. 

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