Friday, September 14, 2012

Private Security

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In this fast paced society, the instance of crime, burglary and thefts are increasing and so is increasing the need of private security personnel. They not only protect our life and property, but help in other areas such as crowd control in public places, vigilance in the transportation systems and as well as providing security in departmental stores, banks, schools and other establishments.

The main task of private security personnel is to protect employer's property from unlawful activities. They also have to monitor alarms and close-circuit TV cameras. Private security guards have to control access points for various visitors and employees. They have to conduct security checks in a specified area. They may also have to write reports on what they observed during a particular patrol and deter criminal activities and detention of criminal offenders in a private property.

Private security guards have to remain alert during their shift and also be keen observers and get alerted if they spot something out of the pattern or something which is not commonplace. They may take the help of services such as ambulance, fire or police in the times of emergency. Some of the private security guards may be armed.

The various roles which the security guards perform would depend on the type of establishment they are working. If working in a departmental store, they have to take charge of the overall security and protect the merchandise from thefts. If the private security guards are working in a public establishment like banks, their job is to protect the customers, employees and property. They have to guard against bank robberies and other criminal activities and maintain constant supervision. Thus, the job of a private security guard is quite varied which helps in maintaining the safety of the general public.

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