Saturday, September 22, 2012

Environmental Design

Being one with the natural surroundings

Oflate cities have become like concrete jungles. There is not an iota of greenery in our vicinity and we have become cut off from the nature. Children think that food grows in the supermarkets instead of the farms and there is no connection with the Mother Nature. Thus, we have created such a kind of lifestyle where stresses and tensions are the norm and we all are facing the heat of the fast and disposable life we are leading. Realizing the folly, we are now attempting to get back to our roots and create a built environment in such a fashion which is not a concrete jungle but which strikes a harmonious balance with the green and the built forms. 

One career path that can be followed is that of an urban and regional planner. They enable the cities to have right amount of green spaces, strategically placed commercial and institutional areas and adequate amount of roads and other facilities so that a city is said to be well planned. Add to it the angle of sustainable design; the role of an environmental planner comes in.
An environmental planner works in tandem with an urban and regional planner, to plan kind of cities that are sensitive to the environmental concerns and are designed according to the principles of sustainable development. 

Another career path that comes under the ambit of  environmental design  is that of design of green buildings. Just as we witnessed above, how cities can be planned to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, in the same manner, the design of the buildings can be taken up in such a fashion that they consume considerably less amount of energy and resources and are based on environmentally sustainable design.Thus, the carbon footprint of the building gets reduced which contributes to the protection of the environment.

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