Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fashion Design - Redesign your Style Quotient

If you are interested in a lucrative field associated with creativity and new trends, then choosing a career in fashion industry is the right choice. Though the fashion sector is viewed as a challenging and competitive field, it offers fast paced career opportunities. Fashion professionals act as an intermediate link between designers and potential consumers. They should have good knowledge of consumer psychology and behavior in order to stay competitive in this stylish job scenario. Awareness of social attitudes and popular culture are also important to make a rewarding career.

Since fashion industry is gaining much popularity with the emergence of several brand products and endorsements launched by celebrities, students opting for fashion designing or fashion merchandizing courses are also in a steep rise. Study programs on fashion courses attempts to educate the students on the latest industry trends. Several fashion schools offer both online and campus programs in fashion designing or fashion merchandising programs. Degree programs offered by these schools or colleges prepare the students with managerial tools and techniques required in the field. The academic curriculum prepares students to excel in the areas like sales, designing, marketing, merchandizing and product knowledge.          
Fashion Design
A degree in fashion industry also enables to work with export house, textile mills, garment store chains, boutiques, leather companies, jewelry houses, fashion show organizers and many others. If you are penchant for creativity and have an eye for color, then you can choose the career role of a fashion designer. But the job won't be that much easy as you have to compete hardly to make an identity in the fast and dynamic trends of fashion world. A unique style of designing that can differentiate and make you stand out of the crowd is necessary. Likewise, if you are good enough in making business deals and have a good marketing skill, then you can build a career in fashion merchandizing. They have to meet retailers, brand manager and other business executives to finalize the deals. Combination of knowledge in fashion styles and business operations makes the job of fashion professionals more appealing and glamorous. 

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