Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mathematics and Computer Science - Computations and Calculations may Build an Exciting Career

Learning computers and its applications might be a favorite option for everyone, but what about mathematics? For most of the students, mathematics is a dreadful dream that scares them with some calculations, proofs, geometric diagrams etc. But it is a fact that each and every scientific or engineering discipline is built on mathematical principles and theorem.

Renowned English mathematician Issac Barrow quoted, Mathematics- the unshaken foundation of sciences and the plentiful foundation of advantage to human affairs. Understanding the root mathematical concepts means you can learn most of the subjects easily. One of the perfect examples is application of mathematics in computer science .

Computer instructions are written and coded with different types of programming languages which translate to machine languages. So those instructions or designs known as algorithm are based on some mathematical theories. If you have sound knowledge in mathematical theorems, it would be easy for you to learn those computational concepts. Real world applications are built on strong foundation of proven principles. How we implement those methods to prove the feasibility or relevancy of computer applications? Again here comes the role of mathematics. If you are interested in making mathematician as a career option or if you are inclined to a career in computers, do not forget the fact that both are interconnected. As a mathematician, you can develop computational methods and computer codes, based on which real world problems will be solved. On the other hand, as an IT professional, you may use applied mathematics in your area of expertise, even if it is programming or information security. No matter, in which niche area you work, mathematics can be found in every computer related occupation.

If you wish to become a mathematician or a computer professional, you should know the educational path. As we have discussed, both the majors are closely related, so what about pursuing an interdisciplinary course? Majoring in an interdisciplinary program of mathematics and computer science helps you in exploring diverse career roles. An associate's degree in either mathematics or computer science can be your initial step. Enrolling into a bachelor's degree interdisciplinary program of mathematics and computer science, can help you gaining in-depth knowledge in both the disciplines. This can serve as a knowledge foundation, based on which your career will be built. Completing the bachelor's degree, you can even specialize in any specific option with an advanced degree.

It is the time to be informed about salaries of these professions. Computer professions are always viewed as a lucrative career choice. Bureau of labor statistics reports that the job growth is also expected to be far better. What would be job outlook of mathematical careers? It would be surprising to know that mathematicians are one among the highly paid careers with a median annual wage of $99,380. Even the job prospects are expected to be good with keen competition. So get ready to play with numbers, make calculations and code some programs. Start your search for the right match of colleges and universities .

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