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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Product Design - Let Everyday's World Look Better and Attractive: Designing as a Profession

The computer screen on which you are reading this has been on for the last one hour? That mouse you use to navigate your cursor fits your palm and performs movements precisely as you move it around? Or maybe you're using a phone and browsing this site online? You play online games with players from across the world using joysticks and a video game box. You've used a can opener to open that can of spaghetti last night. The computer monitor, the mouse, joystick, video games boxes and can opener are all examples of good product design. The computer monitor has been ergonomically designed to provide hours of stress free reading and viewing pleasure. If you are excited about designing different kinds of consumer and industrial products you've come to the right place. You can choose from campus courses and online courses. Depending on your educational qualifications you can start at a bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree program.

The field of industrial and product design is a combination of many different disciplines of study. You will need to apply principles from mathematics, physics, chemistry, manufacturing processes, materials and computer aided design/drawing. You will study the non technical aspects of good product design like cultural and social context. You will undergo training in computer aided design, creating prototypes, performing tests and iterating your design to combine the right elements from different prototypes.

You will work in different conditions depending on the context of the industry, business you are employed with. You will work at various stages of product design like visualization, CAD drawings, planning for manufacturing and cost analysis. At all times you will be combining one or more aspects of good industrial and product design. You will address issues of user interaction with your product, shape, color, weight, ergonomic factors, manufacturing and production of the product. According to your interests and skills you will choose to specialize in different kinds of designs like medical equipment, electronic equipment, industrial equipments etc. You will find that there are many companies and organizations that hire industrial and product designers ranging from small manufacturing units to corporations with offices across the globe. Initially you will work in a team under supervision. Most industrial and product designers work with several different departments within their organization ranging from material procurement to the workshop. Effective communication skills and teamwork are very essential when interacting with customers and colleagues.

Consumers today demand functional and stylish products ranging from cell phones to the microwave in the kitchen. Competition demands that innovation and style be incorporated when designing products for the future. You will find ample opportunities to learn explore and execute designs for products ranging from tooth brush to elevators.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

A perfect career choice to consider in this industrial world

Industrial Technologists
Industrial technologists are concerned with the daily operation of manufacturing and related processes. Since industrial technologists have a variety of roles they are known by different names such as industrial production managers. They coordinate each and every production aspect of an industrial complex that provide a variety of goods and services and plan and maintain the industrial machinery concerned with the production processes. 

Industrial technologists also hire, train and evaluate workers. They also analyze production data and write production reports. Industrial technologists also supervise the workers of an industrial unit and ensure that they are working as per the safety procedures and meet performance standards as per the quality policy. They also devise ways to make the production process more efficient and weed out any problems that are undermining production processes. Depending on the size of industrial unit, industrial technologists may supervise the entire plant or just one part of it. Industrial technologists are also concerned about the quality aspects of production and they use standards and tools like six sigma and ISO 9000. 

Job prospects are expected to be good for the industrial production managers. Applicants with advanced degree and technical skills can find better job opportunities in the competitive field."Job openings are expected due to the need to replace workers who retire. Applicants who have a bachelor's degree in industrial management or business administration should have the best prospects", reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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