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Friday, October 12, 2012

Applied Management

OVERVIEWEffective management is a very crucial factor in the world of business. They have to plan, direct, control and organize all the activities in an organization. Management motivates the employees and directs them towards attaining the goals of the organization through well-planned strategies.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Applied management courses mainly focus in the practical application on the business theories and strategies. Some of the career roles include management analysts, human resource manager, operation research analysts and financial manager. Management analysts work with the top-level executives of the organization.

JOB OUTLOOK : Job prospects are good for the entry-level candidates with advanced degree and professional expertise. Aspiring candidates with strong leader ship skills and organizational skills may find job spaces in the competitive job field.

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EXPECTED JOB GROWTH : According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job opportunities for the management analysts are expected to increase by 22 percent, financial managers by nine percent and human resource managers by 13 percent and operation research analysts by 15 percent from 2010-20.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Human Resource Management

In the era of digital revolution, impact of globalization changed the scenario in such a way that world changed in a global village with highly competitive job markets. Each and every organization is delivering services with their utmost efforts and technologies to hold a foot mark in the global industry. As we all know, success only comes from efficient team work, every single person in the organization have to work hard. But it should be taken into account that it doesn’t affect the employee in such way that they get stressed out with the situations. The highly complex and competitive job conditions tend to make an employee stress out of the way, where they fail to fulfill organizational deadlines and meet their assigned targets. This situation will lead to the low morale in psych and less productivity from the employee side which will affect the whole system. So it is very essential that every organization should ensure a stress free environment to its employees.

Human Resource Management
HR management should deal with the strategies for improving the morale and productivity of its workforce as they are the most valuable assets. Counseling plays a great role in preventing the negative effects of work stress at an individual level. The employee counseling is an ongoing process which require much time & patience. A planned and organized approach is needed for pointing out the problems faced by the employee. Some ethics and principles should be followed during the employee counseling which includes: Generate trust and listen to the problems very carefully because it is the key source of difficulty faced by the person. Consider the current scenario and explore alternative solutions to deal with the perceived problem. Help the individual to find the solutions to the problems in a new perspective and positive outlook. Motivate the employee to realize his/her career potential and make them feel that the organization believes in that potential. Guide the employee in implementing the plans and also evaluate the effectiveness of chosen strategies.

It should be noted that a calm conduct should be maintained without any interruptions or distractions during the counseling. Employee counseling offered by the human resource management  to all levels of work force will definitely leads to its success. Innovative and motivated minds can always create fabulous achievements in their career and thereby contributing to the growth of their organization.

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