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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Database Administration

OVERVIEW : Every business organization will have enormous set of documents which are essential for its efficient functioning. Databases serve as an important store house in business organizations. Database consists of all the information and data. Database administrator or DBA holds the responsibility of maintaining all the records and other financial information in well organized way.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Database administrators update the databases continuously. These professionals will create and keep a back up stored which may prevent data loss in any unexpected situations. They decide access, merging the data and other privileges to the database structures. If any issue arises, then DBAs have to trouble shoot the problems and ensure its efficient operation.

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JOB OUTLOOK : The job prospects are expected to be good for the entry level candidates with a bachelor's degree in any computer or information technology related majors. Candidates with strong technical knowledge and professional certification can find suitable career options.

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