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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Licensing Exam Preparation

Job markets are turning out to be highly competitive with the increasing number of talented professionals. But is there a rise of employment opportunities in accordance with the number of job applicants? The answer is: 'no”. Licensure exams provide you the opportunity to find an edge over the competitions and get advanced in the career. In most cases, they are even essential for initiating a career. Examples are as follows: 

Social work :If you are interested to work for the society and if you have completed an academic program in Social work, then it is the time for attending licensing exams. ASWB conducts four categories of social work licensing examinations and each with 170 four options multiple choice questions.

Counselling :Counselors work in different areas of life by providing guidance and emotional assistance to the individuals. To start your career as a professional counselor, you must be licensed. National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) administers the licensing examinations for counselors in all states.

Nursing :Nursing is one of the most noblest and lucrative profession in the healthcare industry. One should hold a license to work as a nurse in the medical field. National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is conducted by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) that provides licenses.

Nuclear power reactor operators :Controlling the operations of nuclear power plants are performed by nuclear power reactor operators. In addition with the educational qualification and extensive job training, the individuals must be licensed through the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission).

A license marks you as a professional in the career field. Working hard with extensive study guides and tutoring will help you to pass the licensing exam.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

How to Study

Studying always seems to be an uphill task if you are not prepared well. In order to have a productive study experience you should be mentally prepared and cut out all distractions. Follow the simple steps given below in order to make your study time more productive and gainful.

Set the Goal : You should have a clear goal and aim, to which you have to focus and work towards, to attain it. Short term goals and better plans should be made, but do not forget to work sincerely for achieving the success.

Attention In Classes : Listening in classes is very important as it is the initial part of your study. Proper and good attention should be given in the classrooms while taking necessary notes. Read through the lines and rewrite it to improve the memory.

Study Environment : The place you choose for studying always matters as each and everyone has their own study behavior. So select a place where you feel comfortable and pleasant. 

Study Schedules : There should be a regular study schedule which should be specific and flexible. Specific means you must decide what subject will you study and how long you will spend time for it. But be sure that you find time for maintaining your social life also.

Subject specific strategies :  Each and every subject has its own way to study. Timelines and famous people involved in history should be clearly highlighted and studied. Likewise, one should follow different strategies for each subject.

Consider Your mind and Health : It is very essential to consider your emotional state before initiating sudies, since the brain controls everything. There will be a lack of enough concentration if you are in a stress or fatigue condition. Once you knew the happiness of achievement, you'll never leave it. 

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