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Monday, October 22, 2012


OVERVIEW : Auctioneers help sell a variety of items through public. At times closed-door selective auctions also take place. During auctions, they speak in a clear, fast paced and specific lingo in order to set the pace of the auctions. It makes the public engaged in auctions.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Auctioneers sell variety of items in a public auction. Most of the auctioneers specialize in some particular product or service such as antiques, real estate, industrial equipment or inventory liquidation. Before an auction takes place, auctioneers group the items for auction according to the type or value of the item.

DEGREES OFFERED :   Associate's Degrees   Bachelor's Degrees  Certificate

JOB OUTLOOK : The job outlook of auctioneers would depend on their area of specialization. Real estate auctions are gaining popularity these days due to the rapidly decreasing rates. The demand for antiques and art collections is always steady and there would be enough opportunities in it.

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