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Monday, October 29, 2012

Homeland Security

OVERVIEW : Post 9/11 era, the changing security threats and uncovering of vulnerabilities has finally led to the formation of Department of Homeland and security. The job of this department is to anticipate, prepare and cope up, recover from the threats and disasters such as terrorist attacks in addition to pandemics, hurricanes and other natural disasters. Due to the confidential nature of work in this department concerning national security, one's integrity and credentials will surely be verified.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Homeland security also deals with protecting the information security infrastructure during a crisis. They help in keeping the channels of information exchange open, a very important component during the crisis and post crisis. Infrastructure protection of key services is another area where there is a requirement of skilled manpower.Thus, a job in the Department of Homeland Security is not only challenging but also serves the purpose of protecting our nation.

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JOB OUTLOOK : The job outlook for a career in the Department of Homeland security seems to be good and the opportunities are fast expanding, as found by the experts. Security of the nation and safety of its people is one of the main priorities of the administration thus there is increased budget expenditure on homeland security. 

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