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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Military Services

Military services seek to ensure that education and other facilities are available to the family members of our veterans, service members and military professionals who have given their best and many of them have lost their lives as well in serving the nation.

These benefits play a crucial role for family members when a military personnel is permanently disabled or dies during war.

1. GI Bill : It is initiated to help the military professionals and their family members to get the monetary support to advance their education. GI Bill transfer enables spouses and children of qualified military professional to take benefits of GI Bill initiatives.

2. Major General James Ursine Scholarship Program : The scholarship program was introduced to facilitate undergraduate education for the dependants of military professionals.

3. High school scholarship under ROTC(Reserve Officers Training Corps): High schools scholarships are awarded to military dependants based on their academic and physical excellence. They need to pass Physical Fitness Test (PFT) before the end of first semester exams.

4. Scholarship for Military Children : Scholarship provided to the children of active as well as retired military officers to help them pursue an undergraduate degree.

5. Survivors and Dependant Assistance(DEA): If the military soldier has passed away or is permanently disabled due to services provided then the DEA program provides scholarship to their spouses and dependants to pursue post secondary education.

6. State-Side Education Assistance Program (SSEAP): These are need-based financial aid programs enabling spouses of active duty, retired military officers and their widowers to obtain undergraduate education. 

7. Financial Aid :
Financial aids to children of military parents are available in two forms :

Stafford Loans : They are provided at lower fixed interest rates. Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to the loan subject to enrollment in the school of at least half time.

Pell grants : Unlike loans, pell grants are not required to be paid back. Pell grant would be awarded for the maximum amount up to $5550.

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