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Friday, November 23, 2012

Online Counselling

Today, in this fast paced life, tensions and stress is soaring. It has an adverse impact on one’s family life. The number of students are increasing and so is the need to guide them into the proper direction. They need proper social skills and they need to be given advices as to become a better individual and pouring good habits in them.

Due to the growth of the internet, online counseling is gaining popularity in the present times. The only condition is that both the counselor and the client must have access to a computer for fulfilling this purpose. It can come in various forms but typically online counseling can be in the form of email, text messaging, voice and video links, chat rooms and discussion boards.

Online counseling has many advantages. First advantage is that you don’t have to travel anywhere to see your counselor and sessions can be held in the privacy of your home. Nobody needs to know that you are taking the services of a counselor as it can be done on the time of your choice. The services of an online counselor can be accessed from anywhere where there is a computer and internet connection available and hence can be very convenient. Some people open up more in online counseling sessions, since they feel less inhibited and safe in the comfort of their known surroundings. 

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