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Saturday, January 5, 2013


A fellowship can have several different definitions, depending upon the extent of the fellowship, for what it is offered and what are its requirements. Typically, most fellowships are monetary awards concerned with working in a specific field, usually at the graduate or post-graduate level. 

Fellowships have stringent requirements, but if you are selected for one, then you may be exempted from tuition fees, you may get reduction in tuition fees or a monthly stipend. Here are a few pieces of advice that may help you to attain a fellowship. First is to write an original and a compelling essay which is designed for that particular fellowship.

Request recommendation letters from professors with whom you are acquainted. Letters of recommendation are very important since they come from a trusted source in your university and would truly reflect your accomplishments in student life. Your professors should be able to portray you in a positive light overall and rave reviews from your professors may surely help you in getting that coveted fellowship.

Participate in a research project. Participating in a research project in your university would create a positive impression on the selection committee. Research experience, besides GPA, is a prominent factor on which fellowships are awarded and demonstrate aptly the academic and management skills of a student. 

We hope that these important points may help you in attaining a prized fellowship which would facilitate your academic progress.