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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Top 10 Recession Proof Jobs

A quick look on the official data-sheet: "Some of the jobs which are hit hardest by a slowdown in the economy are the construction and finance jobs since the demand for them decreases. There are major layoffs and labor force has to face pay cuts. A recession proof job can be defined as such kind of job whose demand remains high even in the times of recession. 

1. Medical professionals: Healthcare is the top most priority. Expenditure on health is on the rise. People would not stop going to doctors even if the economy remains sick. People may definitely cut back on their budgets on healthcare in economic hardships, but people requiring major treatment has no other option but to go for treatment. 

2. Mental health providers: Psychologists and other therapists may be in high demand during the times of recession. The stress level of the public in general increases and there are bound to be increased personal and other interpersonal psychological issues.

3. Energy: The demand for energy is always there, no matter whether there is a recession or not. It is a basic necessity of life, just like health care. Thus, a career in providing energy is always in demand irrespective of an economic scenario. 

4. Law Enforcement: The demand for law enforcement would increase during the time of recession when people become desperate for jobs and crime rates consequently increase. However, as law enforcement is a vital job of the administration, it can be said to be more of a 'recession resistant' job.

5. Internet professionals: As the world of internet is proliferating in our daily lives, it is becoming an ever-expanding industry. Also, due to the economic woes, businesses are cutting their budgets and investing the money smartly into things which would bring them high exposure along with low costs.

6. College professor: When the economy is doing badly, job seekers aim for a higher degree and work on increasing their marketability. 

7. Senior care providers: Due to the ageing population, there are increased number of old age people who need care. Nursing homes are continuing to look for staff that can provide service to such old age people irrespective of economic conditions.

8. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians: People continue to take medication for their health condition even though the economy may be in recession. As the insurance covers part of the medication cost, and the health care industry continues to grow, the demand for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians would also grow.

9. Information Technology staff : As businesses rely more and more on IT to streamline their processes and cut costs, the demand of IT staff would keep on increasing even during the times of recession.

10. International business professionals: Many businesses are targeting markets overseas in order to increase their profitability and capture the potential of growing markets internationally.

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