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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hospitality Management in Business

OVERVIEW : The travel and tourism sector is broadening its areas of services. It flourished the growth of resort and hotel businesses. Service sector plays an important role in the national economy. It has largest number of employees. Hospitality industry mainly focuses in lodging, restaurants, event planning, transportation and tourism. Changing life styles and standards make the individuals to travel more. Today, people travel for business as well as pleasure.

JOB DESCRIPTION : There are many career roles in the hospitality industry. It starts from the waiters to the managerial levels. Food and beverage servers prepare food, clean the dining places and check the stock details. They have to meet the supervisors and discuss about the items prepared during their shifts. Some of the jobs are food preparation, serving workers, counter attendants, food servers and waiters.

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Job prospects are favorable for the candidates who are interested in a career in the hospitality industry. Applicants with a high school diploma may find job opportunities in this industry. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management may open up better job roles.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Restaurant Management

OVERVIEW : Restaurant Management (Lodging Management) is an area which deals with guest who travel to different hotels and expect a pleasant stay along with good amenities provided. Restaurant managers have to make the guests feel comfortable. They also make sure guest have a memorable experience while staying at the hotel.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Restaurant managers do multitasking jobs like inspecting the guests’ rooms, registering and greeting guests, ensure perfect housekeeping along with setting up proper budgets as well as room rates for guests. The focus of a restaurant manager is to provide a comfortable room with good food along with a very helpful staff which can make the guests feel homely in spite of being away from home on different aspects of travel.

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JOB OUTLOOK : According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is tough competition among restaurant managers as number of guests services are increasing along with number of managers who are best trained in hospitality management.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hospitality Management - Food and Beverage, Entertainment & Recreation, Accommodation

 "Offer the best services,make them feel at home: Be a part of hospitality industry"

Hospitality is a common and popular term used in our society that refers to the relationship between guest and host. We always try to provide the best services for our guests isn't it? Even if it is a function or simply a home stay, we always take effort to offer them the best. 

History of hospitality industry dates back to the colonial time in late 1700s. Through a long run, the facets of this sector have changed. In today's economy, foreign tourism, new avenues of international business and business travel have contributed to the accelerated growth of hospitality sector. If you are interested to enter into hospitality industry, then you should possess some skills apart from educational qualifications. 

Hospitality Management
Interpersonal and communication skills : As you may know, hospitality industry mainly focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction. So it should be important to have great interpersonal and communication skills to make customers feel comfortable.

Strategic thinking : 
Plans always changes in hospitality industry according to the dynamic trends. You may have to implement strategic plans in accordance with those trends and business factors.

Organizational qualities :
 Final goal attained in hospitality industry is through an efficient teamwork. Since you are working in managerial role, you should have organizational and leadership qualities to direct and coordinate your team of employees.

Customer service skills : 
You have to follow customer is king rule in this career role. It is important to maintain your patience and know how to make customers feel welcome. Personally, clean and well-groomed appearance is very important along with your multitasked skills.

Several colleges and universities different degree levels in hospitality management ranging from associates to doctoral level programs. These academic programs can help individuals to gain an insight into the needs of people and functioning of different tasks in hospitality industry. With a higher job growth and handsome pay, career opportunities in hospitality industry offer rewarding choices. It is time to make a decision and select a degree level.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Bachelor of Professional Studies in Hospitality Management

Hospitality managers are responsible for the overall supervision and coordination of the daily operations of the lodging establishments and ensure their smooth functioning.
They provide leadership and guidance to the staff so that the guests get a overall favorable experience of the hotel and functioning of the hotel becomes smooth.