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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Helping to bring up tomorrows citizens today

Remember those days of childhood, the days of getting new books, the smell of the prints, surfing for the first time through those glossy pages, staring at the colorful pictures inside and also an unknown fear reading those books and then being at school. Elementary education has now brought you up and you are here to read this, even as you gear to get into classrooms of a new school or college or even a university. While we all know how crucial role elementary education can play in our life, we also have the duty to pay back to the society. And nothing is bigger a fun than earning money while paying back to a social cause. So, why not elementary e education as a career option?

" Education is necessary in our life to live an informed, civilized and enlightened life". Education opens the doors of opportunities for us and it is through education that we get to full fill our aims and aspirations. It is the role of education that gives us a perspective of living our lives and also a fundamental sense of purpose so that we full fill our role which we envisage for ourselves in our lives.

Elementary education is like a tower of building blocks, and hence if the foundation is not strong, the entire structure will collapse like a pack of cards. This is the most important part of the life of a child since it is during this period that the child keeps on discovering and starts to develop interest in particular subject matter. It is the job of the elementary education teacher to kindle this interest in the child as it is the teacher who teaches the child all the subjects ranging from the languages to the numbers.

Elementary education teachers not only teach different subject matter to the children, but also help make children better citizens of tomorrow and thus help in the process of nation building. It is the elementary education teacher that makes a responsible citizen of tomorrow by inculcating the values of fairness, honesty, truthfulness, etc. in the child and such attributes are there to stay in the character of the child, no matter what.

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