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Friday, January 11, 2013

What Will 2013 Bring For Education?

As the time is passing, we all have witnessed many changes and many things have changed since past few decades. There has been a lot of change since the inception of internet and web. People’s way of living and doing things has changed. Life; in short has evolved in past few years. But what lies ahead? What is next? After so many things have changed, what else remains to be seen?

In this article we will see the impact of these changes on education, we will also discuss that whether the changes on education has been good or bad and further what impact can be seen on education in year 2013. The first thing we need to analyze is that what impact education had gone through. If we compare the era of our parents with that of ours, we can see that education has made progress in leaps and now the kind of education we are having is totally different and a lot has changed in these years.

In all these years we have seen that everything is now linked with internet, students get their assignments and custom coursework all on internet and college portal or slate. The way of doing and assigning things has changed, and those who cannot adapt to this change cannot survive. Now the expectations from the students have increased too. In recent years a lot of news has been in buzz about plagiarism and college drop outs. The issue of plagiarism has been in hype in recent times and many people believe that students are to be blamed for this act.

The impact on education has been that the importance of education has increased; many private schools and colleges are coming up and the competition to get in a good college in immense. Students try really hard to get in a good college, and once they get in they struggle hard to remain in college. Many students do part time job along with the studies and this is the reason that many students are not able to complete their college. Despite of the fact that they have financial burden on them, teachers are coming up with stricter guidelines and by giving them lengthy custom coursework, they make matters worse for them.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teacher Reminder : Students Didn't Choose Their Parents

“They did not choose their parents..."

“They didn’t choose their genetic pool.”

“They couldn’t say I want two college-educated parents who love me, care for me, and make education my priority.”

These words were spoken at the 2011 PLC Summit I attended in Arizona. I realized after hearing this statement, that many times, I get frustrated with my students about things over which they have no control. And I'm resolving to change my ways.

When students come to school without school supplies, when their parent doesn’t sign a form, or misses a scheduled appointment, or has made the child stay home to babysit, again.  These are things that the student can not control, but yet, year after year, my frustration is placed on a  child, who is probably just as frustrated as I am! 

How many times has the child walked in the day after parent-teacher conferences, and I’ve said, “Your mother scheduled an appointment and didn’t come.”  The child stands there wide-eyed, not knowing how to reply. Maybe they know why, maybe they don’t, but  that’s not the issue.

We need to work around the parents who are not supportive, the ones who just don’t have the time.  We need to tell our children, “You do you.”  “You do what you need to do to succeed.” 

Am I a ”bad” teacher? I don’t think so, but I’m certainly not the best I can be. I’m learning though, and I’m willing to take a good, hard, look in the mirror, and correct my mistakes.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

“Educating Lives Throughout”

Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which knowledgeskills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, research, or simply through autodidacticism.

Generally, it occurs through any experiencethat has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Get Your Online Secondary Education Degree - All Education School

A secondary school teacher at a public school must be licensed with a bachelor’s degree and by completing an approved teacher education program.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Education School

When looking to obtain the skills and training essential to work in the field of teaching and education, there are numerous schools to choose from. Education schools offer training options for teaching careers that can be attained at various levels enabling you to choose an area of specialization that suits your interest.

Planning for a profession requires a lot of time and dedication. Training is obtainable at various levels including :     

                                    Master's Degrees     Doctorate Programs

There are varieties of specialized areas of study you can choose from. These areas will help you pursue a career of your choice. Training is available in: 

                                    Post-Secondary Education 

Thus different schools offer different areas of specialization. Ensuring that you are enrolled in an accredited program will help you receive best possible education available.

Friday, October 19, 2012

About Adult Education

Some of us get deprived of education during the days when we should have got it, some of us land in professional life before even we could complete the finishing schools, some of us still believe that education  is an ongoing process and one can go back to classrooms always. Better late than never and that is perhaps the mantra of adult education these days.

The concept of online education has changed the way education is imparted in the present times. You don’t need to attend a classroom in person to complete your studies or you don't need to take out time specifically for classes; classes can be taken anytime you wish, at your convenience, the only requirement being that of a computer with an internet connection.

One of the popular courses that adults are enrolling in adult education is computer literacy. With the computers becoming an integral part of our daily life and work, adults without the knowledge of computers find themselves unskilled and irrelevant for the job.

Thus, attaining a good and adequate education is within your reach now. You can start when you are ready, be it through correspondence, online or through regular classes. Adult education can change the way your future for the better. Enroll today, advance your career and future.The world is waiting to be explored by you.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Education Links

Rightly said, education pays and the sooner we realize the importance of education, the better will be our future. In contrary to what the economic downturn and job market would have you to believe, pursuing higher education becomes even more essential in challenging economic conditions.

Education is the knowledge of putting one's potentials to maximum use. Education is geared towards individual development; such development should slowly and gradually get transformed into social development. Education is the key to creating, applying and distributing knowledge. Thus it leads to the growth and development of powerful, worldwide competitive economies.

In today’s job market, many employers look for individuals who have some kind of postsecondary education knowledge even for low job roles like the clerical ones. The higher your career aspirations are the higher should be your level of education.

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OVERVIEW : Education plays vital role in the success of an individualby advancing their potential to its maximum. The most impressive and complicated area mainly deals with various levels of education from the kindergarten to the post graduation and also includes the special and adult education programs. Educators enjoy the work as they become a reason for creating better generations by imparting their knowledge.

ELIGIBILITY : The requirements for each career option vary in the education sector. The educator should have a deep knowledge in the subject being taught by them and usually needs a bachelor’s or master degrees in any discipline along with experience to step into the career. In the case of kindergarten, elementary, adult and special education the candidates get trained under some specifically developed programs.

JOB PROSPECTS : Education sector stands in among the top most industries of United States with more than 13.5 million employees. The effect of digital revolution and technological innovation made the nation to concentrate more on educational system to generate trained and skilled human resources which in turn raised the demand of teaching professionals.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Helping to bring up tomorrows citizens today

Remember those days of childhood, the days of getting new books, the smell of the prints, surfing for the first time through those glossy pages, staring at the colorful pictures inside and also an unknown fear reading those books and then being at school. Elementary education has now brought you up and you are here to read this, even as you gear to get into classrooms of a new school or college or even a university. While we all know how crucial role elementary education can play in our life, we also have the duty to pay back to the society. And nothing is bigger a fun than earning money while paying back to a social cause. So, why not elementary e education as a career option?

" Education is necessary in our life to live an informed, civilized and enlightened life". Education opens the doors of opportunities for us and it is through education that we get to full fill our aims and aspirations. It is the role of education that gives us a perspective of living our lives and also a fundamental sense of purpose so that we full fill our role which we envisage for ourselves in our lives.

Elementary education is like a tower of building blocks, and hence if the foundation is not strong, the entire structure will collapse like a pack of cards. This is the most important part of the life of a child since it is during this period that the child keeps on discovering and starts to develop interest in particular subject matter. It is the job of the elementary education teacher to kindle this interest in the child as it is the teacher who teaches the child all the subjects ranging from the languages to the numbers.

Elementary education teachers not only teach different subject matter to the children, but also help make children better citizens of tomorrow and thus help in the process of nation building. It is the elementary education teacher that makes a responsible citizen of tomorrow by inculcating the values of fairness, honesty, truthfulness, etc. in the child and such attributes are there to stay in the character of the child, no matter what.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Significance of Early Childhood Education

Education is the cornerstone on which the edifice of our future rests. Stronger the education, the firmer the edifice of our future would stand. Also, it is now scientifically proven that the formative years of children are the most important years for emotional, mental and intellectual development of a child as they learn very fast in their early childhood and this is the time when the wiring of the brain, i.e. the formation of basic neural network connections takes place.

Psychologists have proven that during the age range of one to eight years, the child is at the peak of learning curve and soaks on new things continuously. It is during this age that the child learns basic social skills, bonding with parents and others, language and vocabulary, and learning and developing new skills. The brains of babies are highly tuned to soak up various things and retain more information than adults can soak up. 

A good early childhood education program would involve parents at every stage of the learning process so that the child gets maximum benefit and learns in affinity with ones surrounded. It should place an emphasis on learning through play, in order to hold the full attention of the child at all time times without the child getting bored and keeping them interested in the activity all the time. 

The early childhood program must place equal importance on the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of the child so that a well rounded personality of the child could be developed. In general, the entire learning process should be fun for the child and not something forceful and imposed on the child. Thus, if proper care is taken for the early childhood education of the child, it will reap in benefits for both the child and the parents and ultimately help in building a healthy, prosperous nation. 

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Adult education make a better tomorrow, build a better nation

Education is one of the most important aspect of our life. It is through education that we open our eyes to the world and see what this fantastic and varied world has to offer. We can appreciate the huge and phenomenal strides we have achieved in all spheres of knowledge and more importantly it paves the way for our bright future. We can fulfill our career aspirations through education which in turn helps us in fulfilling our goals. Whatever field we choose, it is education which acts as a stepping stone in its attainment.Thus, the importance of education cannot be underestimated.
The concept of online education has changed the way education is imparted in the present times. You don't need to attend a classroom in person to complete your studies and you don't have to take out time specifically for classes, classes can be taken any time you wish at your convenience, the only requirement being that of a computer with an internet connection.Educational degrees at all the levels like associates, bachelors, masters and even PhD's are offered online nowadays. This becomes a boon for those working adults for whom time is a constraint. Thus, online education has made education more assessable and has benefited adult education a lot.
One of the popular courses that adults are enrolling in adult education is computer literacy. With the computers becoming an integral part of our daily life and work, adults without the knowledge of computers find themselves unskilled and irrelevant for the job. Computer literacy programs in adult education make them fit for some kind of job and thus it becomes like some kind of vocational training for working adults to increase their skills and make themselves more sellable in the market.

Thus, attaining a good and adequate education is within your reach now. You can start when you are ready, be it through correspondence or online or through face to face classes, adult education can change the way your future is going for the better. Enroll today and advance your career and future and increase your employability chances.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aviation management - Management Schools,Aviation Schools,Online Jobs,Online Study Programs

Millions of passengers fly to their destinations every year. The Aviation management professionals are employed at airports in management and administration. Some choose to work for corporations and some choose to work for private operators. The professionals in the field of aviation management carry out various administrative responsibilities, depending on the situation. The job responsibilities involve planning and allocation of flight operations and maintenance employees. They ensure that all federal and state regulation laws are followed during all operations. 
Aviation management
The manager is also responsible for the maintaining inter departmental communication. They coordinate and plan emergency procedures. They plan and implement emergency procedures for bad weather conditions e.g. heavy snow, hurricanes etc. They ensure the safety of the passengers, airport premises and equipment. Excellent communication skills, ability to work under pressure, emergencies, short term and long term planning are required. The ability to understand and follow aviation law and policy are also very important. Depending on the job role they work with maintaining coordination with air traffic control, cargo management, external relations and customer service. It is an exciting opportunity to learn and excel at the job role that suits your talent, education and aptitude.

The course work in Aviation management involves the following subjects from diverse fields. It involves extensive study of aviation safety, air traffic control management, flight operations, operations research, financial management, calculus, statistics, computer operations, business law, marketing and economics, planning and management of human resource in a security sensitive environment. After gaining experience and knowledge the aviation management personnel opt for higher education within their specialized field of operation. Depending on the education level, aptitude, communication and interpersonal skills the aviation managers progress in their careers.

The jobs involve some relocation as more jobs are available at major airports across the country. The business of aviation is conducted twenty four hours a day, round the year. Aviation managers work in shifts and in teams to ensure the safety and to conduct the management operations in a timely and proficient manner. The aviation managers work extended hours and under pressure in case of weather related emergencies. However, they work hard so people can safely get to their destinations on time.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Culinary management - Culinary Schools,Online Jobs,MBA Degrees,Career in Culinary Management

An exciting career in the hospitality industry-catering and culinary management
Catering industry a booming sector in the field of hospitality where the services are not limited to serving food and preparation. With the increasing popularity of catering services for various kinds of occasions, this sector is getting more advanced with their culinary skills and techniques. Degree in culinary management or catering management will be a right option for the individuals who have a great interest in working as a part of hospitality industry. Don’t think that catering management means only cooking and serving mouth-watering delicious food, they provide a wide range of services such as setting up meal area, making guest arrangements, handing over menu and many more.
Culinary management
Catering companies always need efficient culinary management skills to implement new strategies and plans. Since culinary management programs focus more on management issues, human resources and safety standards, it acts as a core of catering industry. Based on the nature of serving and offered industry, catering services are categorized into different types.
Employee feeding: It is a catering service in which food services are provided to the employees of a business sector. It may be either self-operated or contract basis catering service. Automatic vending, trolley service, cafeteria etc. are some of the employee feeding catering methods.

Welfare catering: Catering services offered in sectors such as education, health care and social care institutions. Most of these catering services will be sponsored by some non-profit organizations or human service associations.

Travel catering: As the name indicates, it is for the people on move or the people who are travelling. Since there are different ways in transportation, catering are also offered aircraft, road, ships and trains.

Outside and social catering: These catering services are related to events, parties and other special occasions. It may be either contracted or speculative, depending on the nature of the event.

Fast food and take away: Fast foods have changed the life style of fast-paced modern society. According to the report of National Restaurant Association, fast food catering industry sales were worth around $142 billion in 2006 and were expected to rise.

Catering services and culinary management degrees are offered by various prestigious culinary schools. The academic curriculum, which focuses on providing an excellent education and an opportunity to understand emerging trends in industry, may open up diverse career opportunities. So take the first step towards a rewarding career.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Court Reporting - Employment of Court Reporters, Per Dime Reporters,Combined Position Reporters,Online Degree,Online Jobs

Watching the court-room drama being in the sidelines...court reporting a challenging career
Court reporters report the proceedings of court and word by word record the proceedings of the court case in which they are present. These recorded proceedings are used as reference by other judges, lawyers and general public. Hence the main qualities that a court reporter must have is that they have to be accurate. They have to be fairly good listeners and analyzers so that they can comprehend what is going on in the court proceedings and can record the same in their transcripts.
court reporting
The other qualities that a court reporter should have is a good grip on the English language so that they can accurately translate the spoken word into the written word and that too keeping the relevant context intact. Court reporters also have to know the terminology of the legal realm so that they can fairly understanding what is going on in the proceedings of the court and record it accurately. For this purpose they use a variety of methods. Stenography is the most common form of court reporting, and by using a machine that allows them to press various keys simultaneously, they can record the information right and fast enough. Voice writing is another form of court reporting utilized, where a court reporter will speak directly into a microphone in order to create a record of the events. These verbal records are then converted into the written records and used as reference by the general public as well as by those who are in the legal profession.

If you are interested in being a court reporter, you should go in a school which is certified by National Court Reporters Association to receive the best training in the given field. There are various types of court reporters. Some of them are official staff reporters who are full time salaried employees of the courts.

There are also temporary reporters who are salaried employees of the court and are utilized for this role for a limited time. Combined position reporters are those whose duties are accompanied by those other duties of the court. Contract reporters are those who work for the court under a specific formal contract. Per Dime reporters serve the court on an 'as needed' basis without a formal contract. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of court reporters is expected to grow by 14 percent from 2010 to 2020, as fast as the average for all occupations. The salary of court reporters varies from $60,000 to $100,000 depending upon their experience and expertise.

Court stenographers are legal personnel who have the right to administer oaths to the witness and also provide certification and validity to the transcripts as well as other documents. Thus, court reporting is a lucrative career choice which fulfils your sense of purpose, gives you a job of responsibility as well as rewards you well financially. Court reporting is a kind of job which you would love to have and some might even consider it recession proof considering the elaborate legal system our country has and the amount of court cases in the courts presently.