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Monday, December 24, 2012

Five Easy-Start $65k Jobs

There are no short cuts to success and of course for being highly paid. The more you slog, the more you earn is the simple norm. Same is the truth for higher education. We generally believe that the higher the degree, there would be a corresponding rise in the pay packet at the end of the month.

1. Radiation therapists : Radiation therapists are involved in directing a high energy radiation beam on the diseased portion of the body to destroy the harmful cells. They are involved in the treatment of cancer. They are also responsible for accurately recording, interpreting and administering the treatment as prescribed by the radiation oncologists.

2. Nuclear medicine Technologists : Nuclear medicine technologists use radioactive materials called radio-pharmaceuticals to create images of organs, study body functions, analyze body specimens and treat diseases. 

3. Dental hygienist : Dental hygienist cleans teeth, examine patients for signs of oral diseases and provide other preventive dental care. They also advise patients to improve and maintain good oral health. They are also involved in taking and developing dental x-rays.

4. Nuclear Technicians : Nuclear technicians are involved in helping physicists, engineers and other professionals in nuclear research and nuclear production. They operate special equipment used in nuclear research and monitor the levels of radiation that are produced. 

5. Commercial Pilots : Commercial pilots fly and navigate airplanes or helicopters. Commercial pilots may fly airplanes for an airline that transports people or cargo from one place to another. They may also fly for other reasons such as charter flights, rescue operations, firefighting, aerial photography and crop dusting.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Higher Education

OVERVIEW : Higher education plays a vital role in the overall development of the nation. It keeps the individual citizen more informed and helps in the personal and professional development of every citizen. Higher education administrators can play a major role in administrating the higher education institutions as well as in developing and coordinating a large number of academic programs.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Higher education administrators need to manage and lead the institutes of higher learning and smoothen their functioning, acting as a bridge between education and management. Higher education administrators are responsible for maintaining academic quality and reputation, coordinating and developing academic programs, managing budget and financing, recruiting, hiring and managing faculty as well as establishing academic policies. 

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For higher education administrators, job outlook is good considering the number of universities and colleges which we have and the increasing number of professionals required for higher education.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Education Specialization

OVERVIEW : The Education Specialist, also referred to as Educational Specialist, Specialist in Education, or Ed.S., is an advanced academic degree that is designed for individuals who wish to develop additional skills or increase their knowledge beyond the master,s degree level, but may not wish to pursue a degree at the doctoral level.

JOB DESCRIPTION : The Ed.S. degree is a focused degree program that is considered by accrediting bodies as the completion of the seventh year of collegiate study,(between the master's and doctorate), assuming a master's degree in education. Programs typically require from 30 to 45 semester hours beyond a master's degree, but may be as high as 65.

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JOB OUTLOOK : Applicants having educational specialization degree is expected to face favourable job conditions. They can find job opportunities in the educational services of colleges, universities and other institutions.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Health Insurance Discount

Having adequate student insurance is a mandatory requirement in all universities and colleges in the United States. With the booming cost of higher education, paying insurance premium becomes an additional hassle and burden on the students. In order to ease this burden, various companies are offering student health insurance discounts. Thus, the students get to pay lesser premiums and get more coverage on their health insurance plan which helps them to do quite a lot of saving. Money saved is money earned, and savings made in this way can be accumulated and put to some other use by the student.

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About Adult Education

Some of us get deprived of education during the days when we should have got it, some of us land in professional life before even we could complete the finishing schools, some of us still believe that education  is an ongoing process and one can go back to classrooms always. Better late than never and that is perhaps the mantra of adult education these days.

The concept of online education has changed the way education is imparted in the present times. You don’t need to attend a classroom in person to complete your studies or you don't need to take out time specifically for classes; classes can be taken anytime you wish, at your convenience, the only requirement being that of a computer with an internet connection.

One of the popular courses that adults are enrolling in adult education is computer literacy. With the computers becoming an integral part of our daily life and work, adults without the knowledge of computers find themselves unskilled and irrelevant for the job.

Thus, attaining a good and adequate education is within your reach now. You can start when you are ready, be it through correspondence, online or through regular classes. Adult education can change the way your future for the better. Enroll today, advance your career and future.The world is waiting to be explored by you.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Value of Higher Education

Higher education plays a vital role in the overall development of the nation. It keeps the individual citizen more informed and helps in the personal and professional development of every citizen. 

Higher education administrators can play a major role in administrating the higher education institutions as well as in developing and coordinating a large number of academic programs.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Higher Education

The world of commerce and technology is fast changing our lives and society. Imparting higher and secondary education in such a dynamic scenario is a challenge and a responsibility.

Are you interested in working in the field of higher and secondary education? Do you want to help change the future of our nation? Do you believe that education is the most important part of our lives?

Today more than ever we feel the need for better education. Advances in technology are changing the way we live, function in our job roles and how we communicate, socially or for business. The basics of reading and writing are no longer sufficient to keep up with the demands of modern life. Our society today needs better education systems and policies. To design, implement and provide good secondary and higher education we need more teachers. We need teachers with a zest for shaping the future of the students. 

Higher education provides our fellow citizens of the future generation with excellent opportunities for good careers and mobility. The secondary, higher education teachers and professionals provide the opportunities for young citizens to grow up to be responsible citizens, successful in their careers and their personal lives. They have the responsibility of instilling in the future generation a sense of ethics and good moral values. Teaching is seen across the world as the most valuable and most important vocation.

On the other hand, technology has also provided us with tools hitherto not available. Online classes, discussion forums for student-teacher interaction, online documents to turn in homework etc. are now available and indeed they add value to the existing education system.

Most teachers and educational professionals work indoors and the hours are more regular than other professions. However, many teachers end up putting in more hours trying to combat increasing job responsibilities. The challenges are numerous and that makes the job of a higher and secondary education professional more responsible yet interesting. The satisfaction that you have helped your community and society in general progress is very rewarding. 

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