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Friday, January 11, 2013

What Will 2013 Bring For Education?

As the time is passing, we all have witnessed many changes and many things have changed since past few decades. There has been a lot of change since the inception of internet and web. People’s way of living and doing things has changed. Life; in short has evolved in past few years. But what lies ahead? What is next? After so many things have changed, what else remains to be seen?

In this article we will see the impact of these changes on education, we will also discuss that whether the changes on education has been good or bad and further what impact can be seen on education in year 2013. The first thing we need to analyze is that what impact education had gone through. If we compare the era of our parents with that of ours, we can see that education has made progress in leaps and now the kind of education we are having is totally different and a lot has changed in these years.

In all these years we have seen that everything is now linked with internet, students get their assignments and custom coursework all on internet and college portal or slate. The way of doing and assigning things has changed, and those who cannot adapt to this change cannot survive. Now the expectations from the students have increased too. In recent years a lot of news has been in buzz about plagiarism and college drop outs. The issue of plagiarism has been in hype in recent times and many people believe that students are to be blamed for this act.

The impact on education has been that the importance of education has increased; many private schools and colleges are coming up and the competition to get in a good college in immense. Students try really hard to get in a good college, and once they get in they struggle hard to remain in college. Many students do part time job along with the studies and this is the reason that many students are not able to complete their college. Despite of the fact that they have financial burden on them, teachers are coming up with stricter guidelines and by giving them lengthy custom coursework, they make matters worse for them.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Best Online Public Administration Degree Resource

Enrolling in public administration study program opens up different career opportunities in both the government and non-government sectors which include federal organizations, municipal sectors etc. Graduates can analyze the policies and regulations implemented by the local, state and federal government levels.

Professionals will learn how to improve the business strategies for the public good in accordance with the laws. They get highly skilled in decision making, public relations management and handling the controversies.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Business School - Actuarial Science

Eligibility: Actuaries who are specialized in life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance have to create the tables to depict the future claims on particular policy plan. 

Job Prospects: Applicants usually require a bachelor' degree in actuarial science or mathematics or any finance related programs and have to appear for a series of certification exams administered by the Casualty Actuarial Society(CAS) and Society of Actuaries(SOA) to initiate their career. 

Expected Job Growth:  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment opportunities of actuaries is expected to increase by 27 percent from 2010 to 2020. The median annual wages of actuaries were $87,650 in May 2010. 

Degrees Offered:  Associate Degree   
Bachelor Degree  Master Degree

                               Doctorate Programs         PhD Programs              Certificate

They formulate strong financial basis to maximize the business profitability by estimating the probabilities of risk and uncertainty. With the advent of technology, actuaries make use of computer programming and software solutions to prepare the statistical reports and presentations.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Accountants and Auditors, Financial Account

The main job responsibility of accountants is the proper management of financial resources and transactions. Accountants keep track of all the business operations, analyze the investments, generated revenues and expenses to prepare the financial reports.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baking & Pastry - A Career in Hospitality,Career in Culinary Arts,Online Jobs

Baking and pastry – A sweet career choice
The appearance and smell of chocolate cakes, delicious pastries or plated deserts makes your mouth water, it makes you want to eat it. Isn’t it? Baking and pastry is a specialized major option in culinary arts. Since every human being have a great love for sweets and desserts, the industry of baking and pastry may never face a slow down. Whether it is a gorgeous sweet wedding cake or an elaborate pastry, it would be culinary masterpiece prepared by the chef with hard work and patience.

Baking & Pastry
If you are interested in the art of cooking or baking cookies for your dear ones was your most favorite hobby, then you can think about a career in culinary arts. Baking and pastry can be considered as a sweet major choice offered in baking schools or cooking colleges. From certificates to diplomas to degrees, there are so many education levels available in this program. The academic curriculum mainly focuses on providing a well-rounded education for the students. Practical and hands-on training sessions along with an exploration of different cooking styles are offered in baking schools. Some of main topics covered include

1. Fundamentals of baking: This may cover preparing different baked items such as chocolate and confections, wedding and specialty cake, tarts and pastries, plated desserts, ice cream and sorbets and many more. Advanced patisserie skills are developed through the hands-on training sessions.

2. Food decoration: In most of the cases, it is the appearance of food, which attracts everyone. Food decoration holds great importance while presenting it before the customers. Different styles, color and designs used for decorating the food items are discussed here.

3. Health regulations and standards: Different health regulations and standards set by the federal government should be followed while food preparation. Therefore, along with ensuring the taste and appearance of food, health factors are also taken into concern.

4. Business skills: Study programs in baking and pastry will develop business skills among the students. This will guide the students to initiate a career in hospitality industry or they can even own/operate their own business. So it is the time to turn your talent or hobby into a rewarding career and earn your daily bread by baking bread and trying something delicious.