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After the college applications go out, it is time to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the primary application for need-based financial aid. Colleges use your FAFSA results to allocate the majority of their financial aid.

Filing the FAFSA to help finance your college education should be your first financial move towards college, no matter who you are, where you are attending school, and whether you are a traditional or non-traditional student. In addition to eligibility for federal aid, many states and individual schools determine non-federal aid eligibility with the FAFSA as well.

The FAFSA website provides a list of documents you should have on hand when you fill out the FAFSA. Most important, you will need yours and your parents’ income tax information from the previous two years. If you file online and your tax returns are submitted, you will have the option to transfer your IRS tax information into your FAFSA.

After filling out the FAFSA, you will be notified of your 'Expected Family Contribution' towards your college education, or the amount of money to be considered your family's responsibility to pay towards your college education.

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Computer Engineering

OVERVIEW : In today's era, computers have become an integral part of our lives. The world of computing has revolutionized the way we live, work, conduct business and store as well as access information. Computer engineering professionals design and develop software for various computer applications.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Computer engineers can generally be divided into two categories: application engineers and systems engineers. Application engineers understand and analyze the needs of the end user and design, construct, deploy and maintain general computer applications software or specialized utility programs. Different programming languages are used by the computer engineers depending upon the purpose of the program and the environment in which the program runs. The most common programming languages used are C, C++ and Java.

                                             Doctorate Programs        PhD Programs

JOB OUTLOOK : According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job outlook for computer software engineers should be excellent. Those with practical experience and at least a bachelor's degree in a computer-related field should have the best opportunities.

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Computer Applications & Office Technologies

OVERVIEW : A program on computer applications exposes students to a number of computer applications such as various software installations and computer hardware maintenance. The courses in computer applications commonly cover basics of Microsoft Word programs, web applications and internet technology. Basic idea is to make the professional ready to serve in office settings and give solutions for common tasks done through computers.

JOB DESCRIPTION : An associate in computer applications program takes two years to complete. The range of courses includes internet programming and applications, networking, word processing, computer maintenance, Microsoft operating systems and web development. As the field of computer applications is widely evolving with the introduction of new technologies, the computer application specialists have to keep themselves updated by taking various certification courses.

DEGREES OFFERED :   Associate's Degrees        Certificate

JOB OUTLOOK : Job outlook of computer applications specialists is good considering they are needed in a variety of roles in various offices including government sector.

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Justice Business Technology

OVERVIEW : A career in business technology is quite a varied one since it is inclusive of various fields in the area of criminal justice. The various fields include agents working with the FBI, CIA, secret service and also police officers, police detectives probationary officers, correction officers, private investigators, private security guards, medical examiners, crime scene technicians, or forensic analysts.

JOB DESCRIPTION : A job in the field of justice business technology has lots of scope due to the growing population and the need associated with the renewed national security effort post 9/11 scenario. There are various career streams which one can enter in the field of justice business technology. Thus, justice business technology is an industry where technology meets the flair of criminal justice.


JOB OUTLOOK : Opportunities may also exist in numerous private organizations and detective agencies where justice business technology has applications. A bachelor's degree in justice business technology or criminal justice is desirable for advancement in this field.

Do You Need to Get a College Degree to Become a Model

From sophisticated studios, runway shows to outdoors, under fierce weather conditions, they hold their smiles for the consumers while endorsing various kinds of products. Models are the set of professionals who are hired by advertising agencies to woo the consumers in a globalized market.

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Student Items Discount

Getting higher education is a cherished goal of many. However, getting an undergraduate or a graduate education is not a cheap proposition. The costs are increasing day by day and the expenses are many. As a student, you need to be thinking about the state of your finances and keep a close tab on them. Living extravagantly or miserly is not the answer, however you need to take a balanced approach on the issue of finances. You need to think constantly about how to curtail your expenditure while keeping a reasonable lifestyle. Any deal which helps you to save on your expenses is welcome. Hence, discounts offered on various student items are a blessing. Generally student discounts are plentiful and most often or not, there are slashed prices for various items you may use. These discounts are very handy especially when you are surviving on a limited budget. Thus, the more you save, the more you would be able to spend on allied activities. 

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Reading - Literacy & Education Statistics

Reading and literacy are one of the most fundamental cornerstones for an aware and advanced society and serve as a foundation for the informed citizen. Teachers who specialize in literacy and reading may work as adult educators in community learning facilities or as teachers in the K-12 school system. Some focus on teaching non-native speakers of English.

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Education School

When looking to obtain the skills and training essential to work in the field of teaching and education, there are numerous schools to choose from. Education schools offer training options for teaching careers that can be attained at various levels enabling you to choose an area of specialization that suits your interest.

Planning for a profession requires a lot of time and dedication. Training is obtainable at various levels including :     

                                    Master's Degrees     Doctorate Programs

There are varieties of specialized areas of study you can choose from. These areas will help you pursue a career of your choice. Training is available in: 

                                    Post-Secondary Education 

Thus different schools offer different areas of specialization. Ensuring that you are enrolled in an accredited program will help you receive best possible education available.

Business Administration - IT Management

OVERVIEW : Technology is dominating the world. Every business industry is trying hard to come up with innovative technologies in the competitive market. Technical professional prepare, analyze and store enormous amount of data and records. Technical professionals are gaining much importance in every sector of business.

JOB DESCRIPTION : There are many career opportunities in the IT. Computer and Information System managers have to control and direct the computer professionals like software programmers, security analyst and database administrators. They have to analyze each and every aspect of the proposed technical plan and ensure its quality and accuracy. IT project managers review the plans and coordinate project management activities systematically.

                                      Doctorate Programs    PhD Programs

JOB OUTLOOK : Since the technology has a great impact on business world, job prospects are good for the highly technical skilled professionals. Candidates with bachelor's degree in computer related disciplines may find entry-level jobs.

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Judges, Magistrates

OVERVIEW : A dignified profession understanding legal issues, giving patient hearing to people involved in litigation's and then deciding their fate: that is the primary role of a judge. Judges and magistrates typically work in various state courts, local courts and also federal courts.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Judges and magistrates have their main responsibility as the top legal officers who apply the law to court cases and oversee legal process in courts. Judges posted with various appellate courts review decisions and records made by the lower courts. These days’ judges also use technology during their work including various software and electronic database.

DEGREES OFFERED : Bachelor's Degrees   Master's Degrees  in law

JOB OUTLOOK : Employment of judges is expected to rise by nine percent during 2010-20 as the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that financial constraints in federal, state and local governments are expected to limit the employment growth of the judges despite their requirements to handle disputes.

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