Friday, November 2, 2012

Justice Business Technology

OVERVIEW : A career in business technology is quite a varied one since it is inclusive of various fields in the area of criminal justice. The various fields include agents working with the FBI, CIA, secret service and also police officers, police detectives probationary officers, correction officers, private investigators, private security guards, medical examiners, crime scene technicians, or forensic analysts.

JOB DESCRIPTION : A job in the field of justice business technology has lots of scope due to the growing population and the need associated with the renewed national security effort post 9/11 scenario. There are various career streams which one can enter in the field of justice business technology. Thus, justice business technology is an industry where technology meets the flair of criminal justice.


JOB OUTLOOK : Opportunities may also exist in numerous private organizations and detective agencies where justice business technology has applications. A bachelor's degree in justice business technology or criminal justice is desirable for advancement in this field.

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