Saturday, November 24, 2012

Student Faculty Interaction

Can you imagine a university where the faculty members are inaccessible or where it is too difficult for you to fund them? Can you imagine all the interaction you have with professors is only within the class where you do not feel like sharing tour ideas with them? It will make a student feel suffocated. But fortunately this is not the case with our schools and universities.

In our educational system, interaction among the faculty members and students is given due importance. It plays an important role in the intellectual development of the students. In cafeterias, college lawns, libraries and during various gatherings, dialogues among students and faculty members help in the development process of a student.

A student and a faculty can interact in a number of ways. These days, the advent of technology like email and internet has made students more accessible to faculty members. The exchange of ideas through email can be rewarding and enriching for both the faculty members and students. The faculty can get valuable feedback regarding the course and teaching methods used.

Thus, both the faculty and the students are to gain with increased student faculty interaction. The faculty gets valuable feedback from the students regarding the course material and improved methods of teaching and designing the course curriculum.

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