Monday, November 19, 2012

Elementary Education

OVERVIEW : Elementary teachers generally teach children from kindergarten to grade sixth. They prepare young students for further schooling by teaching them the basic concepts of math and reading. The role of an elementary education teacher is very important since they prepare the foundation of their students in studies and inculcate various skills in them which prove to be important in education.

JOB DESCRIPTION : The main responsibility of elementary education teachers is to teach students subjects like maths, language and social studies. They have to inculcate study skills and social skills in their students. Elementary education teachers have to assess the students by evaluating their abilities, strengths and weaknesses. They have to grade assignments and reports to the parents so that parents can know the progress of their child.

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JOB OUTLOOK : Growth is expected because of both: necessity of decline in student–teacher ratio and increase in enrollment for elementary education. However, employment growth will vary by region.

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