Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Friends in Campus

Fun, friends, food and obvious education in an international campus—that is the proper mix you can expect while being in one of the institutes and friends will be one of the most important components during the coming days in your life.

College life gives you everything-from an education which makes you earn your livelihood and becomes the ladder of your success of your life to the memorable moments which you spend with your friends. College life is arguably the best part of one's life.

High school education is completed and the hardest phase of college admissions is over now. So you are preparing for the first day in your new college or university. Be alert while making friends because in this fast and selfish world, it would be pretty hard to find a true friendship. In college campus, you can find a fusion of cultures, ideas, peoples etc. It is a new world where you are going to live the life to its fullest. How to make friends in the new campus? 

Here are some tips. 

1. Interact with others : Friendships start from a single "hi" or "hello". Most of the freshmen in college will be friendless. That means they will be just like you trying to make friendships. So don’t hesitate to speak with others.

2. Clubs and organizations : Colleges are just like a melting pot where people with different culture unites. Join the clubs and be a part of social gatherings where you can meet so many people. If you are good in any sports activities, then participate in it because that will give much time to spend time with other members.

3. Travel around : Find time to visit the whole campus and nearby places where you can meet several people. Go for local shows, cultural events and other places which will help you in getting a clear picture of the place. 

4. Volunteer services : If you are interested to work for any social causes, then you can be the part of volunteer services. It will give you the chance to meet new people in campus and outside the campus.

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