Thursday, November 22, 2012

General Studies

OVERVIEW : A general studies degree is also known as a generalist degree and it covers the basics of the university education. It is a broad based program which demonstrates that you have got the ability to complete a university degree and you have got enough discipline and intelligence to work through the program in a variety of subject areas.

JOB DESCRIPTION : By pursuing general studies, a student is gaining knowledge in diverse disciplines with a single major. So career options are also numerous in different fields such as education, business, law and psychology.  General studies degree holder can also find so many career roles such as administrative service managers, sales managers, human resources managers and more.

DEGREES OFFERED : Associate's Degrees   Bachelor's Degrees

JOB OUTLOOK : There are many job opportunities for a general studies degree holder as they have several career options to choose. Job prospects are expected to be bright for the aspiring candidates.

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