Friday, November 30, 2012

Instructional Design and Technology

OVERVIEW : Instructional design and technology specialists integrate technology with education to make it more interesting and lively so that the learning curve of the number of students increase and new concepts are understood by students more lucidly.  They also develop objectives and ensure that study content matches those objectives. They also revise content and create media support for learning.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Instructional design and technology specialists prepare a platform through which learners experience online methods to achieve enhanced learning experience. Instruction design and technology specialists not only focus on what students should learn but also on how students learn in order to achieve an interesting and enriched learning experience. Thus, instructional design and technology specialists design and develop innovative and interesting learning experiences. 

DEGREES OFFERED : Associate's Degrees   Bachelor's Degrees

                                    Master's Degrees    Certificate

JOB OUTLOOK : Employment growth is anticipated as schools increasingly focus on improving teachers' effectiveness and bringing in better and new methods of teaching.

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