Thursday, November 29, 2012

Computer Science

OVERVIEW : In our modern society, each and every business sector relies on computer technologies and application for their daily operations. Ranging from the simplest word processing application to the highly advanced robots, application of computer science principles can be found everywhere.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Job profile of computer science professionals varies according to the chosen career role and nature of working environment. However, the main job responsibility of a computer scientist is to design different computing machines and processes. They apply scientific and mathematical approach for design purposes. Computer scientists mainly work towards designing new methods in hardware, robotics and software.

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JOB OUTLOOK : With the increasing range of computer applications, job prospects are expected to be favorable for the computer science graduates. “Computer scientists will be needed to develop the software that controls increasingly complicated electronics. Computer scientists will be needed to design the infrastructure to enable widespread adoption of cloud computing,” reports the bureau of labor statistics.

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