Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fraud Examination and Management

OVERVIEW : White-collar crimes are increasing in a skyrocketing rate in our modern society. Increasing media attention on the corporate and government financial scandals have made fraud examination and management career a popular one.

DESCRIPTION : As the name indicates, fraud examination and management professionals detect and trade fraudulent activities. Fraudulent cases involve employee's insurance claims and compensations, accidents, taxes, social benefits and property damages. Reviewing financial statements, conducting study on the scandal, investigating about all employees are some of their responsibilities.

DEGREES OFFERED : There are no specific degree programs offered in fraud examination and management. Students can pursue Bachelor's Degrees programs in business related disciplines or criminal justice with a minor in fraud examination. Even though, certifications are offered in fraud examination.

Job prospects are great for the fraud examination and management professionals. Aspiring candidates can find job opportunities in both private and public sectors. Most of the job options will be associated with accounting, auditing and financial services.

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