Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Smart careers after High School Graduates

Everyone aspires for a college degree; however it is becoming more and more expensive. Thus graduating from college could be an expensive decision with huge tuition and accommodation costs involved in it. These career fields not only offer higher salary packages but also train you to achieve your career objectives. These jobs are :

1. Commercial Airline Pilot : You can become a commercial airline pilot with high school certification from pilot ground school and logging of at least 250 flight hours. After that you need to clear a check ride test under the examination of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Aircraft knowledge and constant vigilance makes you a qualified pilot.

2. Nuclear Power Plant Operator : Power plant operators control and maintain power plant which generates electricity. They need to monitor generators, boilers and turbines in the plants. They work in control room requiring constant attention to their tasks. As most of the training occurs on the job, a High school graduate/diploma would suffice to apply for the post.

3. Detectives and Criminal Investigators : To be a detective for a city, state or federal government all you need is a high school degree/diploma. Detectives can also work privately but they must have the ability to solve crimes and inspect records. Job involves dangerous conditions and higher rates of on the job injuries.

4. Gaming Manager : With a formal high school degree you can become gaming manager at casino. Gaming industry needs smart managers to look after its operations. They assist customers with all things ranging from security to customer service. 

5. Captains, Mates, Pilot of Water Vessel :Captains are the masters who will have the overall control of the operations of vessel. Mates are the deck officers who command the routine operations. Pilots direct speed of the vessel according to wind, weather, tides, water depth and more.To be a sailor one can pursue high school/diploma from a marine academy.

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