Monday, December 24, 2012

MBA - Leading the Customer-Driven Organization

OVERVIEW : Aspiring students as well the ones who are already working somewhere and want to reach the ladder of the organization which is a customer-driven one, can opt to undertake this specialized program. Students already pursuing master's degree in business administration may opt for this program.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Companies increasingly use research analysis on consumer behavior to develop improved marketing strategies. By doing so, companies are able to market directly to their target population in a better way. Market research let companies monitor customer satisfaction and gather feedback about how to improve products or services. It allows them to build an advantage over their competitors.

DEGREES OFFERED : While most of the general MBA programs these days offer 'Leading the Customer-Driven Organization' as one of the majors while offering the combination of majors to the aspiring students, there are several business schools and educational institutions which offer tailor-made diploma and certificate courses on this subject as well.

Overall job prospects for market research analysts concentrating only on customer oriented markets are expected to be good. Rapid employment growth in most of these industries leads to increase good job opportunities. 

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