Friday, December 21, 2012

MBA - Information Security

OVERVIEW : As technology gets into advanced mode every other day, security of highly confidential data is turning to be a threat. Every corporate irrespective of their shape and size is keen in ensuring the data integrity. Information security mainly focuses on the methods to protect data from threats and attacks.

DESCRIPTION : Job responsibilities vary according to the assigned titles and the work environment in the organizations. But the common task is to maintain the integrity and security of the information in an effective manner. Some of the career roles include information security analysts, network engineers, database administrators, computer system analysts, programmer analysts and quality analysts. Programmer and quality assurance analysts will check the accuracy of the information stored in system.

DEGREES OFFERED : Master's Degrees

Job Prospects are expected to be good for the entry level applicants with a bachelor's degree in computer-related fields. Candidate with extra knowledge and experience in computer science may find better job openings.

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