Saturday, December 15, 2012

MBA - Financial Analysis

OVERVIEW : Financial analysis deals with examining the project to achieve profitability and stability. Some of the methods include past performance, future performance and comparative performance. In past performance, financial ratios of past five years of the same firm are compared.

JOB DESCRIPTION : The responsibilities vary according to the job titles and the nature of the business organization. But one of the general tasks is to offer assistance in meeting the financial goals of the firm through proper plans. Queries related to money management, they clarify investment plans, education expenses and retirement savings. 

DEGREES OFFERED : Master's Degrees

Job prospects in the financial services are good for the entry-level professionals. A bachelor's degree in finance or economics may help to find the job in the business field. Candidates with enough work experience or advanced degrees in financial planning may find better job prospects.

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  1. MBA field is very vast. Some are doing full-time MBA and some are doing it from distance. Both are beneficial and it is your knowledge which matters at the end. I am also planning out to do MBA this year.