Thursday, December 13, 2012

Smart careers after Associate's Degree

It is generally believed that higher the education, higher the earning potential. However, the expenses for college education are in a steep rise and most of the students find it too tough to afford. There are many highly paid jobs in US for individuals that only possess an associate degree. The academic curriculum which focuses on developing the job-specific skills and training makes individuals hired in the competitive job market. Here you can find the five of the best paying two- year degrees. 

1. Registered Nurse : Registered nurses can even find career options in the administration sector, management and various other fields of health care. An associate degree from nursing schools may earn you good amount of salary which constitutes the largest section of health care profession. 

2. Radiology and X-ray technicians : Radiologists perform various x-rays on a patient and inject non radioactive matter into patient veins in order to diagnose problems. Some of the radiologists are specialized in specialized diagnostic techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computerized tomography (CT). According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of radiologic technologists is expected to grow by 28 percent during 2010-20.

3. Computers and Technology : As it is the era of digital revolution computers and technology are gaining ground in each and every field in the global market. A two year degree in this stream may pay you an average annual salary between $46,000 and $60,000 as a computer support specialist.

4. Engineering Technicians : The associate programs in the engineering fields may help you to earn well enough. There are so many vast options to choose in the engineering sector such as environmental, aerospace, electronics, mechanical and more. Technicians from all areas just with a two- year degree may yield you high paying options. 

5. Paralegals and Police detectives : Paralegals are the most popular among the attorneys and law firms and also corporate which have standalone legal cells. The median annual wage of paralegals and legal assistants was $46,680 in May 2010. According to a report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected rate of change in employment of the paralegals is pegged at an impressive 18 percent during the period 2010-20.

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