Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Communication Technician

OVERVIEW : Communication systems include two way radios, cellular phones, marine radios, satellite systems, wireless internet (Wi-Fi) access, hand held computers, vehicle location equipments, and related equipments and other personal communication devices and related equipments and other personal communication devices.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Communication technicians are also known as telecommunications service technicians or telecommunication installers or repairers. They are responsible for installing communication equipments at homes and businesses. Communication technicians install communication equipments like telephone, cable TV and internet devices.

DEGREES OFFERED : With the rapid advancements and complexities in communications technology, employers are preferring candidates with associate or bachelor's degree. So you can either pursue a 2-year associate degree or career training or certification program offered by vocational school or 4-year bachelors' degree in a field related to communications or electronics.

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