Wednesday, October 3, 2012



All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy- we all know this saying, and it becomes more applicable to the student life, where there is a lot of pressure to keep up with academics and keep pace with submission deadlines. In this busy schedule which every student has to encounter, there is a lot of scope for entertainment which refreshes the mind and invigorates both body and soul. However, with the mounting expenses that students have to encounter, and the limited budget in which they have to operate, entertainment tends to take a back seat. But there is good news.

Now there are various resources which you can find in our website which will help to find you discounts for various entertainment options around you. These include discounts on restaurants, bars and pubs, discounts in various cafes, discounts in musical concerts and cinemas and the like. This will definitely up your entertainment quotient and give you 
different options to unwind thus adding color to your student life.

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