Saturday, October 13, 2012

Computer and Information Technology

OVERVIEW : Technology is the broader term encompassing all tools, machines and innovations that are invented in order to fix a problem or perform a function. Information Technology is one of the significant components from the entire basket of the technology.

ELIGIBILITY : Field of computer technology is dynamic and ever changing hence IT education assumes greater significance providing the learning opportunities to students. Entry into a computer technology course is quite simple and free of hassles. Minimum high school degree/diploma is required to pursue an associate's degree of two years from junior college or bachelor's degree of four years.

JOB PROSPECTS : With the fast paced innovation and technology driven attitude of people, careers in the field of computer technology are in the greatest demand. US Department of Labor notifies computer technology as one of the largest and fastest sources of employment growth. It projects employment growth of 18 to 26 percent by the year 2014.

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